There is a new interesting thread on Reddit. It shares common survival-related tips that can make things a lot worse if followed. We chose the most striking examples.

one. “In fact no need wait 24 hours before declaring a person missing.” — Inner-English-678

Photo: Timon Wanner / Unsplash

2. “It is dangerous to place wet stones next to a fire (both for cooking and for fencing the fire). When heated, the stone can explode due to the pressure caused by the rapid evaporation of the moisture inside.” — GORDON1014

3. “If you have frostbite, do not rub your skin or try to warm it with hot water. This will only increase the extent of the damage. The easiest and safest method is to gradually warm with the heat of another body (or even your own: for example, by removing the palms of your armpits),” Grungemaster and Daikatoro

four. “It is believed that moss grows not only on the north side of the tree – in fact, it can be on any side, and you should not focus on it” – dildothegreat87

5. “Don’t drink alcohol in the cold in an attempt to warm up: although it will seem to you that it has become warmer, hypothermia will come much faster.” – Morning_Throbber

6. “Many people think that you can drink liquid from cacti instead of water, but this is not true. Yes, it will work with Wieslisen’s Ferocactus, but only in small quantities. The sap of most cacti contains a high concentration of acids and other unpleasant substances that will lead to diarrhea and even more dehydration.” — Kraymur

Photo: Ansie Potgieter / Unsplash

7. “I have heard advice more than once to run away from alligators in a zigzag. But alligators rarely pursue prey for long distances, and such a run will simply exhaust you. Run in a straight line and the alligator will get bored pretty quickly. Yes, they are fast, but they rarely chase people on land, so the chances of surviving are quite high. — TchaikenNugget

eight. “Popular opinion is that a leech should either be torn off as soon as it has bitten you, or sprinkled with salt to let it go. But you can’t do this! Ripping them off is about as dangerous as it sounds, but sprinkling them with salt is much worse. Their whole body is a mucous membrane. The salt makes them very painful and they vomit before releasing the victim.

As a result, your own blood enters your bloodstream, potentially mixed with parasites or viruses, as well as other human or animal blood. Like pulling, this can also lead to the loss of teeth, which also enter your bloodstream. It goes against our instincts, but the safest way to remove a wild leech is to let it finish what it started. As soon as her stomach is full, she will fall off by herself, and there will be no teeth or other nasty things in your blood. – Legs4daysarmsformins

Photo: Michael Jin / Unsplash

9. “People often think that trying to get out of a vehicle after an accident is a good idea. But if you’ve been in a serious accident and sustained tangible body damage, it’s critical do not move. Maximum – if you can, reach for the phone and call the rescue service. Trying to get out or get comfortable should not be (I’m not talking about critical cases when the car can catch fire). When moving, broken bones can begin to pierce the skin or insides, which threatens with complications up to internal bleeding. ”- Kulous

ten. “If you are lost in the desert, do not save water. You don’t know how long you’ll be in this situation, and trying to stretch the remaining water will only hasten dehydration. Better drink when you feel thirsty, so you can move longer and keep a clear mind. People found dead in the desert were often found with flasks and bottles of water, saving which cost them their lives.” — EpicMindvolt