On Reddit, a user named oriolssires asked what people are doing to feel better during self-isolation. We collected ten popular answers.

1. So far, I have begun to learn to play the piano (I wanted to do it literally decades ago) and started cleaning the apartment gradually, meter by meter. The thought that there are several weeks ahead at home allows me to clean up at least a small corner before saying “to hell with it all” – the main thing is that I do it regularly. I also continued to study French, I think to add more Japanese and Russian courses. – xilog

2. I started learning Japanese, because now I only know European languages. I collected a bunch of study guides, audio and PDF files, I use Anki flashcards to memorize new words. So far very interesting, not like any other language I know! — PM_ME_SHEET_MUSIC

3. Stopped drinking. Not because I consider alcohol something bad – I just stopped knowing my limits, it was time to tie it up. — oinksatme

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4. I’m now on my fifth day of sobriety, a record since October or so. I do cardio at home every day, dust off dumbbells and barbells, and do strength every evening. My house is cleaner now than the day I moved in. I call my parents every day, although I used to call up once a week or two, I like to keep abreast of their life. I know this is going to sound very selfish, but self-isolation has been the best thing that has happened to me in the last few years. — Meddle71