Properly organizing a home space can be difficult. Especially if by nature you are not clean at all. However, even the most organized people are not magicians – they simply follow proven rules and tricks that gradually turn into habits. You can do the same – start with these simple life hacks.

1. Give each thing its place

The ability to put everything in its place distinguishes people who constantly lose their keys, glasses or wallet, from those who always know where to find what they need. When each item has its own “home”, the question of where to put something simply does not arise. And if some thing constantly remains “homeless”, think about whether you need it at all.

2. Replace one thing with another

When you bring something new into your home—be it clothes, a toy, or a book—take a good look at everything you already have. Perhaps in your wardrobe there is a T-shirt that you have not worn for a year, so a new thing can take its place. And old things can be donated, for example, to charity.

3. Keep change in the same place

Designate a drawer in the closet for various small items. Put things in there that you don’t have anywhere else to put. Try not to let one box turn into several. If this happens, then it’s time to sort out the rubble and throw away the unnecessary.

4. Store small things in large ones.

Instead of spending hours thinking about how to fit everything in a closet, pack things together. So they will take up less space, and it will be much easier to find them. For example, you can put smaller suitcases into larger suitcases.

5. Store things vertically

When there is not enough space, you can put things on the refrigerator or on kitchen cabinets. Yes, you have to stand on a chair to get everything, but you will not litter the usable space with things that you do not use too often.

6. Use hooks

Attach as many hooks as you can to the inside of doors, walls, and anywhere else you need extra space. Now, instead of tossing your jacket on a chair after a day at work or putting your towel on the washing machine, you can hang them neatly.

7. Try a hanging shoe box

This is a very effective element of organizing space. A lot of things can be placed in such a wardrobe trunk, besides, it can be placed in a narrow space, for example, in a closet. You don’t have to put shoes in the organizer – store cleaning products, toys, cosmetics or anything else in it.

8. Clean up in your spare time

Got a few minutes free? Get rid of things you don’t need. Organized people don’t wait for a general cleanup – they use every opportunity to make the space around them at least a little cleaner.

9. Put away children’s and pets’ toys.

Put 50-75% of the toys in the closet so they don’t fall all over the house. And as soon as a child or pet gets bored with old toys, they can be replaced with “new” ones.

10. Buy stuff with extra storage

When choosing new furniture, pay attention to models with special storage boxes. They will make your life much easier.

11. Be organized and chaotic at the same time

Even if you’re not naturally tidy, the creative clutter around you can always be made more organized. For example, put your shoes in a large wicker basket, leave gloves and hats in special organizers, or store all the remotes in a pretty vase.

12. Follow the “shopping bag” rule

Always keep one shopping bag around the house to store items you no longer need. Once it’s full, donate it to charity or recycle.

13. Stick to minimalism

The basic principle of minimalism is to surround yourself with only those things that you absolutely need. The fewer items in the house, the easier it is to organize the space. Be guided by minimalism while shopping and try not to buy too much.

14. Don’t be sentimental

We often fall into the trap of nostalgia, which does not allow us to get rid of memorable, but completely unnecessary items. Learn to let go – after all, it’s just things.

15. Connect creativity

It is not necessary to use things for their intended purpose. For example, if you have a large family and everyone has their own umbrella, you can put them in a large vase or champagne bucket. This diversifies the interior and makes the space neater.

16. Don’t follow patterns

Do not limit yourself – any thing can be used in any way. For example, store your jewelry in the small compartments of your toolbox and your collection of bags on your bookshelf.