1. Picnic

A picnic is any meal in nature, so go with your limits. Head to the nearest park with a blanket and sandwiches and spend a few hours stretching out on the lawn. Or throw a brazier, marinated meat, vegetables into the car and go to barbecue.

Just keep in mind that in some regions burning fires may be prohibited due to the high risk of fire. This can be found on the website of the regional Ministry of Emergency Situations.

2. Hike

If a picnic seems like the light version of summer fun to you, try a harder option: go camping. It is better to do without half-measures: take the train to the starting point and move along a pre-selected route with backpacks to the halt. But if you are an inexperienced hiker, you can also get to a clearing suitable for a tent by car.

Find out in advance the level of fire danger in the region. In some periods, it is better not to meddle in the forest, even if you are very careful.

3. Marathon

Of course, this is not about running: it’s simply impossible to prepare for a distance of 42 km from scratch in a month. Arrange a personal marathon of accomplishments and try to do something every day.

And it is better to choose something pleasant and enjoyable. So, giving up sugar for the whole of August will be useful, but it is unlikely to cheer you up. But the promise to walk at least 3 km every day will give you many pleasant summer walks.

4 Beach Party

This is a very summery activity that is hard to postpone, so plan a beach party immediately. All you need is a big company, a place with sand under your feet, cold drinks, cardboard cups, and a source of music.

If you want a little more civilization, look for a friend with a private house. Throw a party in his backyard, and just pour the sand into an inflatable paddling pool. After all, the main thing is the atmosphere.

5. Festival of berries and fruits

In August, the shelves are bursting with gifts of nature. Grapes of different varieties, melons and watermelons, apricots, peaches, nectarines, plums – if you list everything, you get an impressive list.

You can eat something new every day. Sounds like a plan.

6. Visit to the village

Summer is associated with nature, haymaking and the chirping of grasshoppers, even among seventh-generation city dwellers. Perhaps these are the consequences of reading Prishvin and Bianka, or genetic memory works this way, in any case, a visit to the village is a great way to create a summer mood.

If there are no relatives in the countryside, look for a hotel, ecotourism is still in trend.

7. Express vacation

To relax, it is not necessary to go somewhere. Take a few days off on weekdays, just don’t waste them on something useful. Go for a walk, as you would in a foreign city.

Familiar streets open up from a different angle when you walk along them at unusual times, and a simple breakfast on the terrace of a cafe, past which the townspeople rush to work, can give a very fresh impression.

8. Home gardening

It will not be possible to achieve a full-fledged harvest on the windowsill in a month, but green onions or spicy herbs will have time to sprout and grow. A simple and pleasant way to fit the garden part of summer into a month without tedious weeding and cultivating.

9. Water procedures

Summer is swimming in open water. But if you can’t go to a lake or river, arrange a water pistol fight or throw water bombs at each other. The day, of course, is better to choose a sunny one.

10. Night walks

Remember how in your student years on summer nights you were ready to walk until the morning, because there was no need to rush anywhere. Regain that sense of carelessness and go wandering under the stars. Grab something warm and a thermos of tea in case it gets cold.

11. Visit to grandma

Vacations are also a summer childhood impression. And although they are no more, a few days at the grandmother will return you a sense of security and, perhaps, a couple of kilograms from among those shed by the season.

12. Summer playlist

The set of songs that you associate with the heat is summer, which is easy to bring back by simply plugging in your headphones.

You can make a playlist in different ways. For example, add to it the melodies of every summer of your life and build a time machine from the player. Or choose songs that smell of heat, sea and hot asphalt.

13. Tour performance

In summer, local theaters take a break until the new season, but you can buy tickets for a tour performance. This is a great opportunity to enrich yourself culturally in a situation where the element of vacation travel itself comes to you.

14. Weekend tour

Suppose you get a vacation in August and you failed to leave. But there are weekends and settlements nearby. Go on a trip and you will find that noteworthy objects can be found almost everywhere.

15. Photo fixation

Even if you don’t have an Instagram* account, take more photos. Try shooting landscapes, things that evoke an emotional response, yourself in the end.

On September 1, you will review the photo and understand that the summer was not in vain, even if it had to fit in just one month.

16. Laziness Therapy

For a change, take and stop doing what you need for a while. And do what you really want. Lie on the couch, read, play a computer game like you have no obligations at all.

A little vacation from “adulthood” will help you reboot.

17. Summer shopping

Buy yourself one, perhaps useless, but very summery thing. A wide-brimmed hat, weird-rimmed sunglasses, or crazy sneakers will remind you that summer is all about fun.

18. City tour

In more or less large cities, tourists are offered a city tour by bus. In some places, you can also ride with introductory purposes on river transport. Locals can also join the tour group.

See your city through the eyes of its guests and immerse yourself in the holiday atmosphere for at least an hour.

19. Walk barefoot on the grass

Taking off tight city shoes is already a holiday, and walking with tired feet on lush green grass is a doubly holiday. But it is better to avoid lawns that dog owners have chosen.

20. Outdoor cinema

If there are no open cinemas in your city, download a movie to your laptop and go to the park or on the roof with a blanket and snacks. Well, if there are such film screenings, the task is completely simplified.

Please note that open cinemas are organized not only by advanced citizens, but also by district administrations. True, the repertoire in this case will be appropriate. But the classic Soviet comedy is not the worst option for a summer evening.

21. Cocktail Party

You may have imagined alcoholic cocktails at a party, but this is a year-round theme. For a summer get-together, choose a friend with a sunny kitchen and gather at his place during the day to make milk, fruit, vegetable shakes with lots of ice.

Experiment with the gifts of nature, and if the party drags on until dark, just throw something stronger into the celery smoothie. However, it is not necessary to wait for darkness.

22. Meeting the dawn

Meeting the dawn could be part of a night walk, but it is better to take it into a separate event. Getting up early is not fun for everyone, but for the sake of contemplating the first rays of the sun, it is worth rearranging the alarm clock.

If summer is a small life, then dawn is a symbol of its birth. Well, there will be a reason to praise yourself for heroism.

23. Hotel game

For a while, remove from prominent places in the apartment everything that indicates life and routine. Turn your home into an apartment with matching bedspreads and towels, eat from your best dishes, and don’t forget to arrange flowers in vases everywhere.

Yes, then you have to get life back from the mezzanine. But changing the picture will help to relax.

24. Outdoor games

Any outdoor game will bring back the feeling of summer, but the leaders in this matter are frisbee and badminton. Those who are alien to physical activity can go to the rides.

25. Plans for autumn

Over the long 10 school years, most of us get used to the fact that the calendar year begins on January 1, but the year of new achievements starts on September 1. So August is the time to think about what you will do in anticipation of next summer.