A white shirt is an indispensable element of the basic wardrobe. It rhymes with almost everything and is appropriate in almost any situation.

1. White boyfriend shirt

Boyfriend white shirt

She is also male. Naturally, masculine only in cut and appearance. Buying a thing that is actually created for men is not worth it for several reasons. Firstly, men have wider shoulders and backs, so a shirt is unlikely to sit on a graceful girl. Secondly, classic men’s shirts have a stiff collar that can turn the most elegant young lady into a “cardboard” headmistress of the Soviet school.

Characteristics of the right boyfriend shirt: opaque dense fabric (cotton is best) without embroidery or other decorations, laconic straight cut with wide cuffs and a strict high collar.

How to wear it

This is a universal model, you can rhyme it with any bottom. There are only a couple of nuances.

If the shirt is made of thick cotton, which gives volume, it is better to combine it with skinny jeans, leggings or trousers. Moreover, the shirt will look especially good outside or casually tucked into the belt.

Shirts made of soft, flowing fabrics will suit anything: from classic jeans, to loose trousers, and to skirts of any cut.

As for shoes, ballet flats (they simplify the look) or deliberately sporty sandals will not work with such a shirt. With other options – moccasins, boots, stilettos, platform sandals and so on – you can experiment.

Where to get it

2. Fitted shirt

Fitted shirt

This is one of the most popular and controversial models. Fitted shirts and blouses are regulars in budget office clothing stores, so there is a high risk of getting a look that is too cheap. To prevent this from happening, choose shirts made from obviously high-quality fabrics.

How to wear it

The classic combination is with blue jeans, a blazer and ballet flats or pumps. Option – with a midi or maxi skirt under a high belt. However, in this case, it is worth remembering that a fitted shirt can lead the image towards a boring office style. Therefore, it is important to think over and choose accessories.

Where to get it

3. Oversized white shirt

Oversized white shirt

Shirts of an extremely loose fit, voluminous, with deliberately long sleeves and wide cuffs are part of the oversized style, which has remained relevant for several seasons and is not going to lose ground. Such models look fresh and relaxed. And due to the volume, they visually make the figure more fragile.

How to wear it

An oversized shirt is quite versatile. It looks good with leggings and skinny, as well as wide trousers, jeans or shorts. Tuck it under your belt or wear it loose – it’s up to you.

Oversized rhymes well with business style – skinny skirts to the knee and below. But in this format, it will require strict elegant shoes.

A voluminous shirt will also perfectly fit into the layered look fashionable this season.

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4. Soft shirt blouse

Soft shirt blouse

Delicate silk (well, or almost silk – viscose, soft synthetics are suitable) blouses literally flow over the figure, creating a seductive contrast between the masculine cut and the feminine outlines underneath.

Such a shirt can become the very highlight that will make the image mysterious and alluring.

How to wear it

Sophisticated “Parisian” classics: a silk blouse, casually tucked under the belt of jeans or leggings, and loafers. Bright red lipstick completes this incredibly stylish look. However, the matter is not limited to them.

Like other models, white blouses are versatile and look great under a skirt (whether tight-fitting mini or full maxi) or under loose trousers or shorts.

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5. White tunic shirt

White tunic shirt

An elongated model will hide overly full hips or a weakly defined waist. In this case, the image will acquire additional lightness.

How to wear it

Ideal – as an independent element of the wardrobe, an analogue of a light dress. To divert attention from problem areas, focus on the upper body: neckline, massive jewelry on the neck or a short tight vest in a contrasting color.

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6. White shirt with voluminous sleeves

White shirt with voluminous sleeves

Puffed sleeves—tapered at the top and flared at the bottom, with or without cuffs that wrap around the wrists—are a sure way to add an extreme level of romance to your look. And do it unobtrusively.

How to wear it

Just perfect for a relaxed classic – under jeans, shorts, leggings. But as an element of business style, such shirts are also good. Rhyme them with strict straight or skinny skirts to the knee and below, classic black trousers and low-heeled shoes.

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7. White shirt with ruffles and lace

White shirt with ruffles and lace

Historical style is in fashion: wide sleeves, luxurious cuffs, bows and frills, lace trim … In general, a style that would have been appropriate on some nobleman 200-300 years ago is an actual female version!

How to wear it

A luxurious top calls for a discreet bottom. Therefore, the ideal rhyme for a shirt in a rich historical style will be simple jeans without embroidery and decorations, discreet plain leggings, strict classic skirts no longer than the knee.

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8. Translucent shirt with patch pockets on the chest

Translucent shirt with patch pockets on the chest

Women’s chiffon shirts with large decorative chest pockets are a fashionable provocation. Of course, you should not go to the office in such a model. But this is a great option for an evening or any informal look.

How to wear it

Provocative implies versatility. Jeans, shorts, skirts (from tight minis to loose, gypsy maxi) – any bottom will look equally good.

Shirts of a similar cut also do not impose requirements on shoes: choose at least ballet flats, at least sneakers, at least sparkling show shoes with dizzying heels.

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9. Classic white linen shirt

Classic white linen shirt

Ideal for lovers of trendy eco-style. Natural linen is beautiful in every way: it is light, breathable, pleasant to the touch. The only negative is that this material is catastrophically wrinkled. Therefore, it will be appropriate only in resort or rural images.

How to wear it

As an element of a free, relaxed wardrobe: with jeans, comfortable pants made of natural fabrics, shorts, wide flared skirts. From shoes under a linen shirt, sandals are most appropriate – sports, gladiators, mules, and so on.

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