How to remove a ring from a swollen finger

Here are seven life hacks that will make things easier. Use any or try them one by one until you find the right one.

1. Don’t pull, twist

How to remove a ring from a swollen finger: twist it like a nut
Footage: @Umeloe TV / YouTube

Try to remove the ring by gently twisting it on your finger. Like it’s a threaded nut. Just don’t pull too hard and don’t twist if the ring refuses to turn. If it doesn’t work, move on to the next method.

2. Raise your hand above the level of your heart

For example, put it on your shoulder for 10-15 minutes. This method reduces the flow of blood and lymph to the finger. As a result, the swelling may decrease, and the ring can be removed without any extra effort.

3. Dip your hand or swollen finger in cold water

Under the influence of cold, the blood vessels constrict. This improves the flow of blood and lymph from the swollen finger. Puffiness becomes less, which means that it will be easier to remove the jewelry.

To enhance this effect, first immerse your finger in cold water for a few minutes, and then raise your hand above heart level for another 3-5 minutes – as described above.

4. Tighten the skin

How to remove a ring from a swollen finger: stretch the skin
Footage: @Umeloe TV / YouTube

Removing the ring is sometimes prevented by skin folds that gather at the joint. Ask someone close to stretch your skin under the upper phalanx and joint.

5. Lather your finger

Don’t feel sorry for the soap. It will create a slippery film on the surface of the skin and thus reduce friction between the finger and the inner surface of the ring.

So that the fingers of the other hand – the one with which you remove the jewelry – do not slip, grasp the ring through a napkin. And again, try to remove it in a circular motion.

6. Use tape

This is a more advanced version of the previous method. Take a regular transparent adhesive tape and wrap it around your finger from the nail to the ring. If possible, try to tuck the edge of the tape under the decoration.

Now wash your hand well. Twisting the ring, gently pull it towards the nail. As soon as the tape is under it, the jewelry will come off the finger.

7. Wind the thread around your finger

This way recommend rescue workers. It can help if other methods have not worked. You will need a paper clip and a strong thin thread about 1 m long. And also a little patience.

Take a paperclip and thread the thread through it, stretching it about 10 cm.

How to remove a ring from a swollen finger with a thread: thread the thread with a paperclip
Frames: @Mariyskaya Pravda / YouTube

Gently push the paperclip under the ring.

Some recommend using a needle instead of a paperclip to thread the thread under the ring. But this is dangerous: you can accidentally pierce the skin and thus increase the swelling of the finger.

Remove the paper clip from the thread – it has completed its task. Now hold the short end of the thread with the thumb of the hand on which the ring is worn. And with the other hand, wrap the long end tightly between the decoration and the joint.

How to remove a ring from a swollen finger with a thread: wrap the long end of the thread tightly
Frames: @Mariyskaya Pravda / YouTube

Part of the finger below the ring, closer to the nail, will swell even more in the process. Don’t worry, it’s normal. After you have almost completely wound the long end of the thread around your finger, fix the rest of it between your middle and ring fingers.

How to remove a ring from a swollen finger with a thread: fix the thread between the middle and ring fingers
Frames: @Mariyskaya Pravda / YouTube

With your free hand, take the thread by the upper end and begin to carefully pull it out from under the ring, turning it around your finger.

How to remove a ring from a swollen finger with a thread: start gently pulling the thread
Frames: @Mariyskaya Pravda / YouTube

As you pull out the thread, the ring will slowly move towards the nail. A little patience and it will slip off your finger.

How to remove a ring from a swollen finger with a thread: remove the ring
Frames: @Mariyskaya Pravda / YouTube

Where to go to remove a ring from a swollen finger

If, despite all your efforts, the ring does not give in, contact specialists. The best option is to the regional division of the Ministry of Emergency Situations or the city rescue service. You can find out their addresses or even call for help at home by calling 101 or 112.

The same services are provided by commercial rescue services.

With the help of a special tool, rescuers will bite the ring without damaging the skin. At the same time, they will assess the swelling and the general condition of the finger and, if necessary, recommend that you consult a doctor – a traumatologist, surgeon or therapist.