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1. Use a tripod

It will save you time and effort both outdoors and indoors. Shooting with a tripod is pretty easy, but choosing the right one is important. Here are the models that exist:

  • floor standing. For shooting in the studio and outdoors. Height – from 100 cm.
  • Desktop. They are often used for filming videos at home. Height – about 50 cm.
  • Portable. Versatile and great travel companion. Height – up to 20 cm. It is worth considering designs with flexible legs that can be fixed on any surface.

If you like to take pictures outside the home, then it is better to choose lightweight models that can be carried in a purse or a small backpack. At the same time, it is very important that the tripod can withstand your phone and be a little heavier than it, otherwise the whole structure will simply fall off in the wind – it will be very unpleasant. For home shooting, any option is suitable.

And don’t forget the angle! For example, a portable tripod can be attached to a branch at eye level. It is also better to set the outdoor one at face level or choose a slightly lower angle. Distortion is trending right now, so don’t be afraid to try something new and even a little weird.

2. Shoot video, not photos

Surely everyone knows about the good old timer, but using it is not always convenient: you have to return to the phone every time, then freeze in the desired position – and so on in a circle with a dozen takes.

It is much easier to start shooting a video, relax in front of the camera, pose and then take screenshots. So in 5 minutes you will get dozens of photos in which you will look relaxed.

Move freely and turn around while shooting. And no matter how fast you move: blurry frames are now in trend.

3. Take a photo in the mirror

This is also a great option. And although the method seems banal to many, in fact, such pictures can look very stylish and non-trivial.

A little secret: it is better to hold the camera at chest level so that the proportions are not distorted. If you position the device lower, a double chin may appear, and if you raise it too high, the legs will look shorter.

It’s good to take pictures in a mirror in daylight, but shootings are especially successful during the “golden hour” – immediately after sunrise and before sunset. Soft light at this time will give your shots a warm glow.

Here are some more ideas:

  • Use your car’s side mirror for photos.: hair fluttering, you smile – it turns out a great shot. I recommend leaning on the armrest so that the pictures are clear. And hold on to your phone.
  • Remove not facebut hands, neck or some other part of the body against the background of flowers or flowing fabric.
  • Choose a background that looks simple and classy, and do not take pictures in front of the dryer with clothes after washing. Although such options can look cool with the right styling!

But if there is a mess in the background, open cabinets or unwashed dishes, then you should work on this and create a cozy atmosphere.

4. Use any reflective surfaces

If the photos in the mirror still seem too boring for you, then look around – there are so many unusual reflective surfaces around, the pictures in which will look original and catch the eye! It can be the facade of a building and even a puddle.

For example, if the windows of your house offer a view of the city, forest or sea, take a picture of your reflection in the glass. Also take a closer look at shop windows, windows of shops and cars. Perhaps they will help you take an aesthetic picture yourself.

Experiment with the angle: you can try to put a tripod below waist level or even shoot from the ground.

5. Pay attention to details

You don’t have to point the lens just at your face – there are other ways to capture your beauty. Women can take a photo of new shoes on the grass in the park or shoot a manicure in front of a stylish bag, while men can capture work supplies on a table or car parts. Don’t be afraid to experiment!

A word of advice: the main thing here is not to overdo it. Try not to overload your photos with details that don’t fit in with the context.

6. Remove your shadow

Another option that looks spectacular. Take a picture of your shadow by standing against the light. Such a composition can turn out to be very flirtatious, because you will remove the curves of your body, but do not show anything extra. It works well to add details to complement your shadow, for example, you can place a swimsuit or sunglasses on top of the silhouette.

How to take beautiful pictures yourself: remove your shadow
Photo: Tanya Trofymchuk / Unsplash

It is quite possible to create interesting and lively content on your own, without involving professionals. Let your imagination run wild and feel free to experiment when people pass by. You may even be able to find like-minded people in this way.