1. Take your temperature

Personal feelings are a very conditional way to determine whether it is comfortable in the office. In this case, there is a regulation that determines at what temperature you must work. According to normsoffice workers are ordered to sit at a computer at a temperature of 22–24 ° C in winter and 23–25 ° C in summer.

Taking into account the tolerances in the office, it can be 20-25 ° C in winter and 21-28 ° C in summer.

According to the rules, in an office up to 100 sq. m temperature is measured in four zones. But to resolve a domestic conflict, two thermometers will be enough: next to the most freezing and the most fried employees. So, firstly, it is possible to determine the validity of complaints. Perhaps someone manages to freeze already at 23 ° C. Secondly, you will have to turn the air conditioner on and off, focusing on objective indicators.

2. Arrange a vote

If there are more than three people in the office, let the fate of the air conditioner be decided by the majority. Even for the losers of the battle, such an alignment will look insulting, but fair.

3. Use logic

When it’s cold, you can get dressed. As a rule, there is nothing to take off from yourself in the heat. Based on this, it would be logical for freezing people to keep a warm sweater and socks in the desk drawer.

4. Rearrange

It happens that monitors melt from the heat in the office, but at the same time one person removes icicles from his nose. There is a possibility that the table of this person is simply poorly located and stands immediately under the air conditioner.

When your keyboard is blown off your desk by a stream of icy air, it’s hard not to freeze.

But the problem will be solved if you work with your head and hands before the summer season. Make room and rearrange the tables so that no one is in the affected area. Or seat your most sultry colleague there.

True, it happens that a person refuses to change place. In this case, the only option is to incinerate him with a look until he warms up and asks him to turn on the air conditioner.

5. Turn on the air conditioner in advance

When the office is large, it takes time for the cold air to reach every corner. The easiest way to do this is if the office is empty and the air conditioner is working to the maximum.

To achieve this, you can agree with management that employees will take turns coming and going half an hour or an hour earlier. Each of them will turn on the air conditioner and wait for colleagues in a pre-chilled office. Then during the day it will be enough just to maintain a comfortable temperature.

6. Take breaks

Make a rule: at the end of every hour, all the inhabitants of the office get up and go out for 5 minutes. At this time, the air conditioner, without blowing anyone away, cools the room to a minimum comfortable temperature (it is best to focus on a thermometer).

With this approach, everyone will be fine, but not at the same time: hot employees will spend the beginning of the hour in comfort, and cold ones will become warmer towards the end.

7. Get a private office

The method is slow, but effective: you can try your best to get promoted and move to your own office. In this case, you will become the sole ruler of the air conditioner. As a nice bonus – salary increase.

8. Get smart

It is better not to solve the problem in this way, because if everything is revealed, you will make many enemies for yourself. However, to warm, or rather, to cool, the very thought of an insidious option, saved for last, is capable.

We are talking about buying a universal remote control from the air conditioner. When the device is already on, it will be easy to cool the air supplied by the unit by 2-3 °C directly from its place. The main thing in this matter is to figure out in advance how to turn off the soundtrack of temperature changes.

And how do you fight in the battle for air conditioning?