1. Set your alarm clock half an hour earlier

In the evening, the fatigue accumulated during the day is added to the lack of time. Such a combo makes it difficult to find strength not only for going to the gym, but even for a short workout at home. If after work or school you often feel like a squeezed lemon, try moving the sport into the morning. This is useful: physical activity after waking up will help you cheer up faster and improve brain function.

2. Take exercise breaks

Take a break from work for a couple of minutes every three hours to stretch and do joint exercises. Tilts, twists, squats and other simple exercises will help stretch your shoulders, core and legs, relieve tension in your back and neck.

3. Schedule Workouts

Add them to your calendar or diary along with important work tasks, appointments, and household chores. If the workouts have a clearly planned time, it will be more difficult to refuse them.

4. Combine exercise with fun

Do the exercises at home while listening to music or watching videos online. And you can also combine training and meeting with friends. Gather in the park to run, ride bikes or just take a walk – walking is also a workout.

5. Don’t fit into the gym schedule

If couples or work ends late and all the gyms near the house are already closed, this is not a reason to quit sports. Move your workouts to your home, park, or outdoor playground. Perform a set of exercises that do not require amplifiers and simulators, such as lunges, planks, squats and burpees. And if there are horizontal bars on the site, use them for pull-ups, leg raises or push-ups from the support.

Finding a place to train at any time of the day is now easier. Thanks to the federal project “Sport is the norm of life” of the national project “Demography”, modern outdoor sports grounds, swimming pools, sports and recreation centers, and sports palaces are opening all over Russia. 373 sports facilities have already been built. In addition, more than 1,500 TRP sports grounds are available for training. When sport becomes a habit and becomes the norm of life, you can try to meet the standards of the complex and get a badge of distinction – 6.2 million people already have one.

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