1. Macrame bag

Fashion Bags 2022: Macrame Bag

Bags made using the macrame technique were made by many on their own in childhood. And now, to be in trend, you can choose for yourself a ready-made accessory in a similar style, knitted from thick threads or rattan. It is also worth looking at models with fringe and other elements of yarn.

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2. Small and bright bag

Fashion bags 2022: a small and bright bag

Designers call these mini bags the perfect party companions. It is unlikely that anything other than a smartphone will fit inside, but they will play their role of a bright accent in the image perfectly. Eye-catching colors are one of the main requirements. The most trending right now are rich green, pink and sparkling blue.

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3. Bag in vintage style

Fashion Handbags 2022: Vintage Style Bag

Small rectangular bags that were worn in the 2000s are experiencing another wave of popularity. You can fish out an existing model from past years from the closet or find something new in stores. It is advisable to choose an accessory with the logo of any fashion house, with a noticeable pattern or a chain handle.

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4. Crescent-shaped bag

Fashion Handbags 2022: Half Moon Bag

Despite the name, it is not necessary to choose a frame bag in the form of a waning moon. An accessory of a soft semicircular shape is also suitable. As for flowers, there are no special requirements for them. But you should pay attention to the material and choose a model made of artificial leather with embossed crocodile or lacquered finish.

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5. XL bag

XL bag

Practical, comfortable and incredibly roomy bag. The most relevant are rectangular models like a shopper, as well as trapezoid-shaped accessories with thin handles, similar to a basket. The colors in the trend are bright and juicy – choose such that your “bag” will definitely attract attention.

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6. Bag with metal decor

Fashion bags 2022: a bag with a metallic decor

Large silver fittings will make even the most classic model look more original. Massive chains, pendants, zippers with large paws can serve as decor. If you are afraid to look too defiant, first get an accessory with a chain instead of a strap. And you will fall into the trend, and you will feel comfortable.

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7. Bag-cylinder

Cylinder bag

A bag of an unusual shape with hard walls and a bottom can be called anything, but not boring. Despite the small size, it is quite voluminous and can easily fit all the things you need every day. A more classic version of the cylinder bag has no frame and closes with a drawstring at the top.

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