“Why go to the bath if you can wash yourself perfectly in the bathroom?” – many of your friends will probably say. But in the bath not only wash! Are you ready to revive folk traditions for cleansing the body and spirit? Then read the article and tell your friends the truth about what you can actually do in the bath!

1. Body care

First of all, the bath allows you to make your body clean not only outside, but also inside. A hot steam room and a strong broom in capable hands – the tool that is needed for removal of waste and toxins along with sweat. At high temperatures, the pores open, and you suddenly realize how nice it is when the skin breathes freely…

  • Council: Do not go to the bath or sauna on an empty stomach, otherwise you will not be able to relax properly. And be sure to drink water or tea – after all, along with sweat, the body loses a lot of fluid!

2. Health promotion

Have you noticed the first symptoms of a cold and runny nose? Run to the bath! Temperature changes combined with relaxation are a great way to support immunity in the fight against harmful viruses. In addition, many plants from which fragrant brooms are made have healing properties. And frankly, soaking up in a bathhouse is not at all the same as pouring cold water on yourself in the morning. Do not force yourself: you can also temper yourself wisely!

  • Council: In a public bath, especially strictly observe the rules of hygiene – wear slippers, not barefoot, use only fresh towels, bathrobes, hats and seat mats. It is easy to catch a fungus, but it is much more difficult to remove it!

Attention! If you have any diseases, be sure to consult your doctor before visiting the bath!

3. Relieve stress

You have probably heard that the term “spa” comes from the name of the Belgian resort, where they were actively engaged in water procedures? In addition to traditional bowls and watering cans, many modern baths will gladly offer you: services of experienced masseurs, nourishing masks and wraps for the skin, cleansing scrubs and peels, tonic aromatherapy and much more. What is required of you? Relax and enjoy!

  • Council: If you came together with your “half”, try to give each other a massage. Perhaps this will not only replenish the “piggy bank” of romantic impressions, but will also become another favorite winter tradition for the couple!

4. Cultural leisure

“Every year on December 31, my friends and I go to the bathhouse. This is such a tradition for us…” For many, this is not just a phrase from a movie: corporate and family holidays, birthdays, meetings of classmates, meetings of a biker club are often held in bathhouses… Where else can you find such a cozy and relaxing atmosphere for communication in a friendly circle?

  • Clue: No alcohol on holiday! Why do you need an additional load on the heart? Better try to hold an exquisite tea ceremony in the bath – you will get much more pleasure and health benefits!

We hope that our tips will help you escape from the usual hustle and bustle, make yourself a gift and have a great time, enjoying maximum comfort and recovery. Enjoy Your Bath!