Summer is fun, right? A lot of opportunities, warmth and impressions, relief from stress – what can you not like here? However, there are also less pleasant sides – summer dangers, which are often neglected. Of course, we would not want to spoil your mood, but forewarned is forearmed… Getting ready for the best summer of your life? Then it’s time explore the dark side of summer!

Danger 1: Summer heat

Warmth is certainly pleasant, but too hot summers are indeed a heavy burden for many people. Unbearable heat can be tiring, depressing and sometimes even threaten your health. Are there ways to protect? This is written in the article. How to survive the summer heat? In short, stay home during the hottest part of the day, drink plenty of fluids, stay in the shade, and leave homework for the morning and evening hours when temperatures are much more pleasant…

Danger 2: Laziness

Summer heat brings another nuisance – it is called laziness. Part of the summer days, of course, should be spent on rest and relaxation. But if we relax too much, it quickly develops into irresistible laziness. And since spending the whole summer in front of the TV or computer is not very healthy, you should plan your schedule so that it harmoniously combines relaxation and useful activity.

Danger 3: Sunburn

It’s nice to feel warm rays on your skin, isn’t it? But too much sun can also put your body at great risk. Sunburns are only the first, short-term consequence; In the long term, too much exposure to the summer sun can lead to even more serious health problems – skin cancer and premature skin aging are just the most infamous among them. Wear clothing and a good sunscreen.

Danger 4: Hormones

And that already sounds funny, don’t you think? Are Hormones a Big Summer Danger? Well, that’s right – hormones tend to rage in the summer, forcing us to do a lot of stupid things that are fraught with serious negative consequences in relationships with the people we love. Do yourself a favor – try not to do stupid things if you’re in a relationship. If all else fails, take a cold shower!

Danger 5: Expenses

During the summer months, there are many opportunities and many desires. This is good? Yes, but unfortunately, these summer opportunities and unusual desires usually cost you dearly. Travel, parties and many other activities can be very demanding on your wallet. so try to plan your finances carefully.

Danger 6: Alcohol abuse

Pleasant weather… Half-naked ladies and gentlemen on the beaches… No obligation… Good mood… All this often has a strange effect on us – want some fun. Parties! Every summer evening! Mostly with booze! But as you already know, this is not a good idea. It harms your health as well as your wallet. Exercise prudence and restraint when it comes to alcohol.

Danger 7: Insects

A pleasant summer has very unpleasant “friends”. We are, of course, talking about the billions of insects that try to sneak into our homes and cling to our bodies. Moreover, bites and itching are not all the inconveniences. In addition insects can be carriers of serious diseases such as fever, malaria and sleeping sickness. Most countries in the world are fairly safe. But if you plan to visit the tropics, take care of good protection before you go there. And keep insect repellant handy at all times!