When to plant garlic

Spring and autumn are best suited for planting.

When to plant spring garlic
Spring garlic does not have a pronounced central stem, and the cloves are arranged in several rows. Photo: PetraJPhoto/Shutterstock

In the spring, they usually plant spring, that is, annual garlic. In one season, it manages to grow and give a full harvest. The best time to plant it is April or May, when the soil is already warming up to 6-8 ° C and above, and the threat of frost has receded.

When to plant winter garlic
In winter garlic, a solid core is clearly distinguished, around which cloves are grouped. Photo credit: mnimage/Shutterstock

Winter garlic is suitable for autumn planting, the normal life cycle of which includes wintering. The optimal time is September or October, when the ground temperature is about 10-12 ° C, and frosts are not expected for at least another two weeks.

Where to plant garlic

Crop rotation, that is, the alternation of crops in the beds, will also benefit garlic. The best predecessors for it will be legumes (peas and beans), pumpkin (cucumbers, zucchini, squash, pumpkin), early white and cauliflower. This is especially convenient during autumn planting, when you can simply harvest the entire crop, and instead prepare new plants before winter.

Do not plant garlic in the same place a second time in a row. Also, beds after onions, tomatoes and potatoes will not suit him.

How to plant garlic in spring

Two weeks before planting, dig up the bed and add a bucket of humus to it for every square meter. If the land has been fertilized since autumn, this step can be skipped: just dig and loosen the beds, and also moisten at least a day in advance.

Separate the garlic cloves from each other. Remove the dry husk, but do not touch the dense shell and do not damage the bottom. Wrap the garlic in a damp cloth or put it in a bag, sprinkle with water and do not tie it off, otherwise mold will appear. Leave in a cool place for a few days to show the roots.

How to plant garlic in spring
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In the garden, define parallel rows at a distance of 15–20 cm from each other. In each, make depressions of 3-4 cm in increments of 5-8 cm or more, or just grooves. In each hole or groove, at intervals of 5-8 cm, put the garlic cloves with the bottom with the roots down. Sprinkle with earth, but do not compact. Water gently from above if the soil is not moist enough.

How to plant garlic in spring
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Lay a layer of mulch from a height of 7 cm on top or use a covering material. Just remember to take it off after germination.

Loosen the soil regularly between rows of plantings and moisten so that the earth does not dry out completely, but also does not turn into a swamp. Minimize watering a month and a half before harvest.

How to plant garlic before winter

For autumn planting, it is better to take winter garlic from this year’s crop. Yarovoy will not work. 2-3 days before planting, select the largest heads and carefully disassemble into cloves, leaving only even and large ones. If desired, soak for 30 minutes in phytosporin or a weak solution of potassium permanganate, this will help protect plantings from diseases.

In the garden, make indentations for each clove with a depth of approximately its height and 4–5 cm from above, the distance between rows is 20–25 cm. Leave 5–8 cm or even more between plantings in each row, it all depends on the size of the planting material. The larger the teeth, the larger the gap should be left. Garlic can also be planted simply in the grooves, while observing the indicated step.

How to plant garlic before winter
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At this stage, a nutrient mixture can be added to the soil, which will also contribute to soil deoxidation. To make it, mix 4 handfuls of well-decomposed mullein or bird droppings (note: fresh and only fermented will not work), one or two glasses of ash and sand, as well as one or two tablespoons of tobacco dust and mustard powder. Add little by little into the furrows or holes at planting, so that the layer is no more than a centimeter.

After adding the nutrient mixture, spread the cloves into the grooves or holes, but do not press too hard. Fill with soil. If there is no rain in the coming weeks, water a little once every 7-10 days. Before the onset of frost, cover the bed with garlic mixed with compost to make a layer of at least 5 cm. From above, add the plants removed before winter from the beds and flower beds.

With the onset of spring, when the snow melts and everything dries up, remove the covering layer from the greenery. Gently loosen the soil between the grooves with garlic. If there is little rainfall, water approximately every 2-3 days so that the earth does not dry out completely, but also does not become waterlogged.