1. Beanie

Fashion hats - 2022-2023: beanie hat

Sports-style hats that fit tightly on the head are not in fashion for the first season. These are versatile options that are combined with any jackets and coats. Designers do not impose requirements on the color of the beanie – choose any.

If the basic models seem too boring for you, take a closer look at the knitted or pom-pom hats. Such accessories also easily fit into everyday wardrobe, but look more impressive.

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2. High beanie

Fashion hats - 2022-2023: high beanie hat

Elongated beanie is another trend of the cold season. Usually such hats are made of dense yarn, due to which they keep their shape well. The style of the headdress itself attracts attention, so it is better to give preference to models of discreet solid colors – black, beige, blue or gray.

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3. Panama

Fashion hats - 2022-2023: Panama

This headdress is appropriate not only in the warm, but also in the cold season. In autumn and winter, designers suggest wearing hats made of fur, leather and other materials that will keep your head warm. Panama hats of basic colors will suit clothes of different styles, and models of unusual shades will become a bright accent in the image.

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4. Balaclava

Fashionable balaclava for autumn-winter 2022-2023

From the wardrobe of athletes, the balaclava smoothly migrated to the wardrobes of urban fashionistas. And it is clear why: it perfectly protects not only the head, but also the neck from cold and wind. Options of any color and design will be relevant – you can choose a model in a rib, with pompoms and an elongated one. Designers suggest wearing balaclavas with a variety of outerwear.

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5. Beret

Fashionable hats for autumn-winter 2022-2023: beret

A classic black beret made of cashmere or wool will adequately complement an elegant look with a coat or fur coat. If you want to experiment and create an accent, choose models in bright colors or with unusual decor – sequins, pompoms or embroidery.

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6. Baseball cap

Baseball cap

We are not talking about the usual winter models with long “ears”, but about baseball caps that are as similar as possible to summer caps. In order for the accessory to be of practical use, choose models made of leather, felt and other dense fabrics.

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7. Fedor hat

Headwear Trends 2022: Fedora Hat

Classic felt hats with a ribbon and medium brims are especially relevant in the women’s wardrobe. Such models are well combined with outerwear in a business style, but they can also fit into a casual wardrobe. To do this, just add sneakers or boots with massive soles to the image with a coat or trench coat.

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8. Kerchief

Fashion hats - 2022-2023: scarf

A real salvation for girls who do not like to wear hats, because they are afraid to ruin their hair. A thin scarf tied under the chin will not damage the styling. Models made of denser fabrics or leather will also be a good choice – with them you will definitely not go unnoticed.

A separate plus of a scarf is the ability to tie it in a variety of ways.

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9. Hat with earflaps

Fashionable hat with earflaps for autumn-winter 2022-2023

It can be both fluffy fur models and knitted hats with long “ears”. A special chic is ethnic-style headdresses with an abundance of decor: embroidery, tassels, long braids and other bright details.

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10. Fur hat

Fur hat

Earflaps, berets, caps – no matter what style the headdress will be. The main thing is that it is made of faux fur. Especially interesting are the models of unusual bright colors – pink, blue and green.

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