Film critics of The New York Times Manohla Dargis and Anthony Oliver Scott made a rating and named the top films of the outgoing year.

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TOP movies from Anthony Oliver Scott

Summer of the Soul

This documentary focuses on the 1969 Harlem Festival. The event was dedicated to African American music and culture. In addition, he promoted equality and unity.

“Summer of the Soul” – watch the trailer online:

Inappropriate Fuck, or Crazy Porn

The heroine of the film works as a teacher at a prestigious educational institution in Bucharest. Until the last moment, Amy was no different from her colleagues. The modest woman dressed appropriately and wore little to no makeup. But once a sex video with her participation was leaked to the network – then her career and reputation were in jeopardy. However, Amy is not going to give up so easily.

“Inappropriate Fuck, or Crazy Porn” – watch the trailer online:

In the hands of a dog

The film is based on the novel of the same name by Thomas Savage. Events unfold in 1925. An introverted and domineering Missouri rancher tries to separate his brother from a local widow, but finds himself unexpectedly in love.

“In the hands of a dog” – watch the trailer online:

The top ten also includes:

  • “Little Mom”
  • “Get Your Brigade”
  • “Bergman’s Island”
  • “Get behind the wheel of my car”
  • “Memory”
  • “West Side Story”
  • The Velvet Underground“.

The best films according to Manohla Dargis


School friends Claire Kendry and Irene Redfield meet many years later. Old relationships revive past ideas that risk destroying the lives of both.

“Identity” – watch the trailer online:


In the center of the plot is an influential private banker who goes on a trip to Argentina. He is accompanied by his wife, who has extensive experience in secular communication. They have a great time in luxury hotels, expensive restaurants and meetings with influential people. But the hero cannot fully enjoy the rest. He is haunted by the disappearance of a friend and colleague.

“Bankers” – watch the trailer online:

Cold calculation

Ex-military William Tell has started a new life and makes a living playing poker. One day he is found by the boy Sirk, who dreams of cracking down on the one who broke the psyche of his father, who eventually committed suicide. Major John Gordo turns out to be their common enemy, but Tell tries to stop Serka from doing something stupid.

“Cold Calculation” – watch the trailer online:

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Dargis also included in her TOP:

  • “Student”
  • “Chance and Guess”
  • “Spencer: The Mystery of Princess Diana”
  • “Get behind the wheel of my car”
  • “In the hands of a dog”
  • The Velvet Underground
  • “Summer of the Soul”