Parchment paper is very useful in the kitchen. In general, it is used to line various cake pans or to prevent food from sticking. However, in fact, it can even help with cleaning.

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Dry the wet book

If you accidentally dropped your favorite book into the water, or if it got wet for some other reason, there’s an easy way to try to remedy the situation.

Place a few pieces of parchment paper between the pages of the wet book. This will help absorb moisture and prevent the book pages from sticking together.

Then put the book in the freezer. When it freezes, leave it to air dry.

Parchment paper perfectly absorbs water / Photo 5-Minute Crafts

Get rid of the dust

Lay wax paper or parchment paper in places in your home where dust or grease accumulates more: shelves, kitchen cabinets, window sills, etc.

If the paper becomes dirty, replace it with new paper. In this way, you will be able to effectively clean the dust without auxiliary means.

Polish the rust

Rust-resistant steel is difficult to polish without leaving fingerprints or other marks. An easy way to avoid this is to rub a piece of parchment paper over all these surfaces: sinks, refrigerator, etc. They will shine like new.

Make chocolate lettering for desserts

Cupcakes or cakes will have a special zest if you decorate them with caramel or chocolate inscriptions.

Cut out a piece of parchment or wax paper and place it on a tray or plate. Use a pastry bag to write the correct words.

Put the paper in the freezer until the chocolate or caramel hardens. Then just carefully peel off the paper and paste the inscription on the cupcake or cake.

Chocolate lettering on parchment paper / Photo by 5-Minute Crafts