1. Discounted mortgage

  • What saves: 0.6% per annum

Buying an apartment at full price immediately without a loan is an ideal scenario that is not always available. A mortgage, in any case, involves an overpayment in the form of interest, so you need to look for the most pleasant conditions and minimum rates. With Avito Real Estate, this task is noticeably simplified. The platform launched a joint campaign with Otkritie Bank. Now, when buying an apartment through Avito, you can get an additional 0.6% discount on the base mortgage rate, including preferential rates.

Thus, the rate on new buildings with state support will be 6.2% instead of 6.8%. When buying an apartment in Moscow worth 12 million rubles with a loan for 20 years, the monthly payment will be 4,239 rubles less: instead of 91,601 rubles, you will need to pay 87,362 rubles. The total amount of overpayment for the entire term of the loan will be reduced by more than a million – 8,966,887 rubles instead of 9,984,177 rubles. The offer is valid for both new and secondary housing. The promotion will last until November 30th.

You can calculate the cost of a future apartment with a reduced rate directly on Avito Real Estate. On the page of the ad you like, you need to enter your data into the built-in mortgage calculator: the amount of the first installment and the period for which you plan to repay the loan. The service will immediately issue the amount of monthly payments. From the calculator, you can quickly proceed to filling out the questionnaire and submitting an application to the bank.

Save on mortgage

2. Promotions from developers

7 Avito Real Estate chips that will help you save money on buying an apartment
Image: Anton Vierietin / Shutterstock / Kristina Vaganova / Lifehacker
  • What saves: from 50 thousand rubles

Avito Nedvizhimost presents ads from most major developers in Russia. And their great deals too! For example, discounts on the cost of an apartment, interest-free installments, free repairs, a parking space as a gift, or something else. Apartments with special conditions are marked in the catalog with a badge “There is a promotion”. To see only ads with bonuses, it is enough to activate the “There are promotions” option in the filter system.

Information about special offers is updated regularly. Avito Real Estate either receives it directly from developers or collects it independently from open sources.

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3. Checking the market price

  • What saves: from 50 thousand rubles

The seller of an apartment, whether it is a developer, owner or agent, sets the price for housing. It can be difficult for an ordinary buyer without knowledge of the market to understand how much the cost is justified. Because of this, there is a chance of seriously overpaying or missing out on a good option – it may seem that they are asking suspiciously little for it. “Avito Real Estate” will avoid this. The algorithms of the service themselves calculate the cost and add the “Market price” badge to apartments with favorable prices. But this scheme only works for secondary housing.

If you are also considering new buildings, the service of the platform “Appraisal of the cost of an apartment” will allow you to verify the objectivity of the price tag. It calculates the average real estate price for a given area, layout, number of storeys, house material, interior finish option and other characteristics. These results will come in handy as an argument while bargaining with the seller.

4. Verification of details

7 Avito Real Estate chips that will help you save money on buying an apartment
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  • What saves: from 1 hour to self-check the seller

Buying an apartment from an unscrupulous seller can spoil a pleasant event. Therefore, before concluding a transaction, it is important to study the documents for housing and make sure that they are authentic. Avito Real Estate does it for the buyers.

So, after a successful check of an apartment, sellers of a secondary property receive a badge “Checked in the Unified State Register of Real Estate Registration”. Seeing such an ad, the buyer may not worry that the property is pledged or the owner of the property has put it up for sale without the consent of other owners.

Information about the reputation of developers on the platform is also publicly available. If everything is in order with the documents, next to the ad there will be a badge “Details verified”. In the case when the deadline for the completion of a residential complex is delayed by more than six months, a note appears on the card that this is a problematic object. If the developer is bankrupt or going through bankruptcy proceedings, this is also reflected in the announcement.

5. Convenient filter system

  • What saves: from 1 hour to scroll through the catalog

Avito Real Estate is one of the largest platforms in Russia. About 2.4 million ads are available daily on it. There are more than 375,000 new buildings in Moscow alone. To flip through all the pages in search of that very apartment, it will take more than one hour. A filter system comes to the rescue, in which you can specify literally everything: from the desired footage and material of the house to the method of sale and the type of seller.

Quickly generating a list of listings that match all your requirements is not the only way to reduce search time. Firstly, apartments can be sorted on Avito: by price (view the most advantageous offers first) or publication date (old ads that are not popular will go to the end). Secondly, the platform has an interactive map. There it is convenient to choose apartments near a certain address – for example, not far from work or your favorite park. The map also allows you to set the search area: just circle the appropriate area of ​​the city, and all ads included in this area will be displayed on the screen.

6. Comparison of apartments

7 Avito Real Estate chips that will help you save money on buying an apartment
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  • What saves: from 1 hour to check an extra apartment

If you like several ads at once, and it’s difficult to choose one of them, you can use the “Compare” function. To do this, click on the button of the same name in the cards of all the necessary apartments. On the desktop version of the site, the button is located immediately below the name of the ad, on the mobile version and in the app it is in the header. Then go to the “Favorites” tab, then “Comparison” and see what advantages each of the options has.

To make the process go faster, select the “Show only differences” option – this way you won’t have to be distracted by matching characteristics. After that, you can immediately start checking the apartment you like or put it in your “Favorites” for a while and look for other options.

Choose an apartment

7. Online display

  • What saves: from 1 hour to meet with the seller

It is better to evaluate an apartment before buying not only from photographs. Frames sometimes hide flaws and greatly embellish reality. At Avito Real Estate, before a personal inspection, you can arrange a video tour: this way you can see everything without leaving your home and without wasting time on the road.

Ads eligible for this option are marked with the “Online impression” badge. In this case, the seller calls the buyer, goes through all the rooms and shows him every corner of the apartment. On the call, you can also learn more about the characteristics of housing, possible problems and discounts. If there are no questions about the apartment, schedule a full live inspection. If there is, don’t waste your time and move on to looking for other options.