1. Bombers

Fall 2022 Fashion Jackets: Bomber Jackets

Bombers have not gone out of fashion for several seasons in a row. This is a universal element of the wardrobe: in such a jacket you can go for a workout, a walk or a date. The main thing is to choose the right things. This is easy to do because the bomber jacket goes with just about anything, from casual denim pants to maxi dresses.

As for colors, designers are equally loyal to both monophonic and two-tone models in the color-block style.

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2. Maxi length outerwear

Fashionable jackets and coats: maxi-length outerwear

Cropped clothing like crop tops and miniskirts flickered in fashion shows all spring and summer. In the upcoming cold season, designers have given preference to the opposite trend – maxi-length things. Coats, jackets and raincoats to the floor, made of thick fabrics or faux fur, have become the basis of many recent collections.

You can wear such clothes with loose trousers, Chelsea boots with massive soles or pointed boots. Wide scarves will add dynamics and showiness to the image. If such a length of outerwear is inconvenient for you, models below the knee will be a compromise.

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3. Outerwear with fringe

Fashion jackets and coats: outerwear with fringes

Long fringe is an original addition to outerwear of various styles. This season, such decoration will automatically turn any model into a trendy one. The decor can be located on the sleeves, pockets, collar or hem.

Truly luxurious jackets, coats and raincoats will look in combination with cowboy-style boots. They are easy to pick up for both men and women.

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4. Pink outerwear

pink outerwear

If you are not afraid to be the center of attention, feel free to put on a bright pink jacket or raincoat. For lovers of more restrained images, designers are advised to take a closer look at calm shades of pink: powdery or with a cold undertone.

In a pair of bright outerwear, you can pick up shoes and accessories in neutral colors: white, cream, milky. You should not forget about the classic combinations with black and gray either.

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5. Jackets and coats with a glossy finish

Fashionable jackets and raincoats: with a glossy finish

Inspired by the look of Trinity in the 2021 film The Matrix, designers have added coats and jackets made of shiny material to the autumn-winter collections. The glossy finish makes outerwear accent, so it is better to choose accessories in basic colors and neutral textures in addition to it. Well, if you like to stand out, you can also look at patent leather shoes, a bag or briefcase.

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6. Jackets and coats with ostrich feathers

Fashionable jackets and coats: models with ostrich feathers

Bold, outlandish, extravagant – the decor in the form of long ostrich feathers can be described in any way, but definitely not with the word “boring”. He, like fringe, can decorate any part of a jacket or coat. Any color of feathers is allowed: bright lemon, pink, purple, discreet black. With what and how to combine such outerwear is up to you. Designers don’t give any hints.

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7. Denim jackets and raincoats

Fashionable jackets and raincoats for autumn 2022: denim models

An oversized jacket with a warm lining for late autumn, a classic-cut long trench coat for the very beginning of the cold season – designers give complete freedom of choice. There is only a recommendation on the material: outerwear made of thick denim is preferable.

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