Valentine’s Day is by far the most romantic holiday of the year. But if you don’t like queuing at restaurants or at the ice rink, stay at home and have an unforgettable movie night.

Interesting It’s not over yet: along with the finale of “And just like that …”, a film about the filming of the series will be released

Proven Hollywood comedies will help you tune in to romance, from which you will sincerely cry and laugh to tears. And so that you do not waste time looking for the perfect tape, we offer a very hot selection from OLL TV.

Best Valentine’s Day Comedies

With love, Rosie

The well-known comedy “Love, Rose” opens the romantic selection. The plot revolves around the main character Rosie and her childhood friend Alex. They have been inseparable since childhood, and therefore decide after graduation to apply for admission to a prestigious college. But Rosie’s unplanned pregnancy changes all her plans: the girl stays in a provincial British town, while Alex, unsuspectingly, goes to the USA.

Separated by distance, the main characters will overcome a long way to understand what they really want from life and whether they are ready to risk friendship for the sake of love. How will the touching story about Rosa and Alex end – look at OLL TV.

“Love, Rosie” trailer


The lockdown has become a real test for the whole world. Someone at this time rethought life, others changed their profession or job. But the main characters of the movie “Lockdown” came up with a cunning robbery plan.

The relationship between Linda and Paxton has long been imperfect and is about to collapse completely. But at one point, the spouse will unite an adventurous business: the heroes will try to steal an expensive diamond from the famous London department store. But how they will turn out a dangerous business and whether they will be able to avoid punishment – the audience will find answers to these questions after watching the romantic comedy “Lockdown” on the OLL TV.

The film will definitely appeal to fans of the unsurpassed Anne Gotheway, who played the main role in the comedy. In addition, in “Lockdown” you can see Chiwetel Ejiofor, Ben Stiller, Lucy Boynton, Lily James, Ben Kingsley and other top Hollywood actors.

Trailer “Lockdown”: watch the video

Without complexes

How to follow your dream, the main character of the comedy “Without complexes” knows well. Writer Beatrice publishes her novel, written about her husband. After the accident, Frederick not only lost his sight, but began to speak and do whatever came to his mind. And it can be completely unpredictable things. In a word, Beatrice’s husband is really without complexes.

Adding more curiosity is that the book is written not only from the history of Frederick. The “ode of life” describes the friends and relatives of the spouses, whose names the author has changed. Therefore, everyone will try to guess who he became in the novel.

Romantic comedy “Without complexes”: trailer

Start from the beginning

The plot of the comedy revolves around the talented supermarket worker Maya, played by Jennifer Lopez. The woman has been working in the same network for 15 years and is a true professional in her field. The only thing the heroine lacks is a diploma of higher education. Only because of this, the talented Maya fails to get a well-deserved promotion and realize her marketing ideas.

This injustice is not going to be tolerated by the woman’s friends, who create the perfect resume for her. Will she be able to get the desired post even without a diploma – see on the OLL TV.

“Start over”: watch the trailer

Love unscripted

At the center of the filmLove unscripted“- promising screenwriter Keith Michaels, winner of the Golden Globe Award. When his life was in the style of Hollywood: film critics bombarded his work with laudatory reviews, and his beautiful wife accompanied him to social events.

But everything is changeable: the hero is mired in debt, divorced and reluctantly accepts the only job that his agent managed to find – a screenwriting teacher in a small town. In desperation, Keith thinks it can’t get any worse, but the province is able to change his mind. And women play an important role in this.

If you haven’t seen the movie “Unscripted Love” choose it without hesitation. The comedy will definitely bring a smile, and the handsome Hugh Grant in the title role will become an additional incentive to watch the tape without pauses.

Trailer for the comedy “Love is not according to the script”: video

That awkward moment

That awkward moment“will definitely make you laugh out loud. The film tells about two old friends Laurent and Antoine, who decide to arrange a cozy vacation at sea. They are accompanied by two young daughters. The idyll is shattered when one of the girls falls in love and flirts cheekily with her father’s friend. At first, Laurent thinks that these are just resort flirtations, but the holiday with Luna develops into a romance and a real relationship. But how do you tell a friend that he is dating his daughter?

Laurent will resort to various tricks so that no one finds out that Luna’s “old boyfriend” is him.

The role of the charismatic womanizer in the film went to Vincent Cassel. Consequently, the audience is waiting not only for a portion of good humor, but also for the convincing performance of this famous actor.

“This awkward moment”: watch the video

And sad again!

Don’t miss out on another great comedy to cheer up on Valentine’s Day. In the center of the plot of the tape “And again it’s bitter!” is the story of two friends who know each other like no other. Philip decides to get married and invites Zazi’s best friend to the wedding.

However, there is one small problem: Zazie cannot stand Franziska and believes that her friend is making a terrible mistake by marrying this beauty. Therefore, she affirmatively decides to save Philip and disrupt the ceremony. Suddenly, the plan fails, and the heroine herself falls into a time loop, where she is forced to return again and again to her wedding day. How the curious adventures of Zazi will end – see on the OLL TV.

“Bitter Again!” Trailer