We all experience loneliness whether we like it or not. It can appear suddenly or be our constant companion. In any case, it is important to learn to notice this factor and work with it correctly. And hardly anyone can help in this better than professional psychotherapists. After all, they (however, like all of us) are familiar with a variety of emotions. Here are some simple tips from experts on how to deal with feelings of loneliness.

1. Accept your feelings

Like any other emotion, loneliness cannot be dealt with unless you acknowledge it. Experts note that such a feeling is a signal to accept your own vulnerability. By noticing changes in your emotional state, you are already taking the first step to feel better.

2. Seek companionship

Keep in touch with others through social networks and instant messengers. This will help balance emotions. It is not necessary to write only to relatives – use every opportunity to meet new people.

For example, social worker Angela Amias admits that she likes to find reasons for conversation even in the simplest everyday situations. Research favors this approach. Scientists figured outthat friendly interaction with strangers improves mood for the rest of the day. Exchange a few words with the cashier at the store or the customer behind you in line. This will ease the feeling of loneliness.

3. Throw out emotions

Angela Amias shared another way. In moments of loneliness, she tries to find a connection not only with others, but also with herself. And for this he keeps a personal diary.

“This practice helps me “connect” to myself. There is something magical about sitting at a table with a cup of coffee, holding your favorite pen and meditating on the pages. This allows you to slow down and listen to yourself, ”said Amias.

4. Take a walk

Another way to recharge is to visit a beautiful park or just get some fresh air. Research showthat walking reduces symptoms of anxiety and depression and improves mood.

During the exercise, observe what is happening around and try to feel like a part of the world around you. The feeling of loneliness will immediately recede.

5. Do a mental exercise

Therapist Kate Ek has her own little life hack in the fight against loneliness. First, she imagines how many people live on her street, then – in the area, city, country, and so on. Each of these thousands and millions of people have their own hopes, dreams and fears. Each of them loves someone. And everyone has lost something very important or someone very close at some time in their life.

The main purpose of the exercise is to remind yourself that many people are having the same experience as you at this very moment. It helps to understand that you are not as lonely as you seem.

6. Find the cause of your condition

According to certified counselor Danita Morales Ramos, our feelings are not finite, they are just part of our experience. And in order not to suffer from the feeling of loneliness, it is important to understand what it is connected with – with the past, present or future.

Understanding where the feeling comes from will help to work it out competently. If the origins are in the past, you need to focus as much as possible on your life in the present. And if the feeling of loneliness arises when thinking about the future, this is usually anxiety, which can be overcome with positive affirmations and awareness.

7. Start a new hobby

During the pandemic, therapist Jason Drake decided to open a private practice. To do this, he needed to deal with his site. Drake turned to a specialist and studied the issue of interest in detail for 12 weeks. As a result, the therapist noted that familiarity with a new subject and the application of the acquired knowledge in practice forced out constant thoughts of loneliness from his mind.

When we’re busy, it’s much easier for us to drown out the negative internal monologue that contributes a lot to feelings of sadness and isolation.

8. Pay attention to the attitude towards yourself

Jason Drake also believes that the way we talk to ourselves plays a key role in combating loneliness. Usually our consciousness tends to be negative. We much more often see ourselves and the world around us in black.

Try to look at everything that happens realistically. When we feel alone, it seems to us that it will be like this forever. Remind yourself that everything is temporary and you just need to get through this period.