Almost everyone has experienced involuntary shuddering in a dream or only when falling asleep at least once. And most of the time, not many pay attention to it. In an exclusive interview with we, neurologist Sergey Dlin explained why this is happening and whether it is really worth being so careless about twitches.

As the specialist noted, twitches occur in the fast phase of sleep when a large amount of the hormone adrenaline is produced. This happens primarily due to overload of the body.

“Lack of sleep, overload at work, stress, such as using gadgets before bed and sitting at the computer for a long time. All this contributes to an increase in the production of adrenaline, and during the period of falling asleep, it is a provocateur of twitching of the limbs, eyes, that is, various muscle groups, ” Long explained.

Most often, involuntary movements are safe and do not harm the body. But sometimes they can indicate serious and dangerous diseases.

“Encephalitis, multiple sclerosis, muscle dystrophy, lack of potassium or some trace elements”, added the doctor.

To understand the cause of twitching, you need to consult a specialist. If any diagnosis is confirmed, the necessary treatment will be prescribed.

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