Headache haunts almost all people. In some, it appears very often and has become a constant companion, in others, the headache is a consequence of overwork, prolonged sedentary work without breaks. In addition, more often women suffer from pain.

If you belong to the first type of people, then you should think about treatment and consult a doctor, because constant headaches can indicate serious diseases. Fortunately, this does not happen very often.

Much more often headaches is a consequence of overexertion, stress, severe nervous exhaustion, as well as working at the computer, watching TV, reading for a long time, especially when the body is in the wrong position. The vast majority of people belong to this group.

Let’s define the main causes of headache:

  • nervous exhaustion
  • depression
  • hormonal changes
  • irregular diet
  • head and spine injuries
  • curvature of the spine (scoliosis, incorrect posture)
  • weather dependence (the body’s reaction to weather changes)

Also, the cause of pain can be insufficient oxygen supply to certain areas of the brain, caused by compression of nerve endings in the neck, consumption of certain products (chocolate, coffee, tea) or medication.

It is impossible to list absolutely all the reasons, since there are many of them, and each person reacts to this or that cause of pain differently.

You can get rid of a headache in several ways:

  • massage of the neck or, in some cases, the entire spine
  • the use of medicines (on the recommendation of a doctor)
  • treatment of depression, getting out of a depressed state
  • consumption of products that can reduce headache (for example, olive oil, tea with mint)

As you know, it is better not to treat diseases, but to prevent them, so follow a few simple rules, and headaches will bother you very rarely, and maybe they will disappear altogether.

For headache prevention:

  • spend less time on the computer
  • take more breaks during work
  • take a walk in the fresh air
  • sleep on orthopedic pillows
  • rest during the day by placing a small pillow under your neck

If you constantly experience headaches, consult a doctor to determine the cause of their appearance and do not engage in self-medication. Take care of your health and your body will definitely thank you!