Free fall rides are dangerous for people with hypertension. This was announced by the neurologist Alexander Evdokimov in an interview with URA.RU. According to him, such entertainment is not suitable for everyone because of the large congestion.

“If a person has problems with blood vessels, hypertension, severe cervical osteochondrosis or intense pain, there have been heart surgeries, then they probably shouldn’t engage in such extreme entertainment”said the doctor.

The specialist also noted that fans of such attractions are more likely than others to end up in emergency rooms. In particular, Evdokimov mentioned the popular bungee. You can take it incorrectly and, as a result, pull your arm, back or neck. People are usually injured due to the fact that they incorrectly calculate forces and poorly repel.

Free-fall rides involve high speed, so they pose an additional danger.

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