In St. Petersburg and the Leningrad region, the number of victims of ticks is growing. The second wave of parasite activity has already begun. What to do in order not to catch encephalitis or borreliosis, and what not to do, Izvestia correspondent Dmitry Budkov found out. Perhaps something will really surprise you.

Six-year-old Danya brought a tick on himself from the forest, where he went for mushrooms. The parents decided not to hesitate and removed the parasite themselves. Not without advice from the Internet.

“Tie the tick with a thread and twist it. The worst thing is that the head of this tick does not remain there. ”– Nina Romanova, the boy’s mother, spoke about the method.

For one summer season in Russia, this is the second invasion of ticks. Soon the heat will subside, and then we can expect the situation to worsen. Chelyabinsk, Kemerovo, Tomsk regions, Krasnoyarsk and Altai regions, as well as the Republic of Altai become endemic areas where it is easy to catch the tick-borne encephalitis virus from year to year. But the south of the country was more fortunate in this regard – there the danger is minimal. The number of victims of ticks is also growing in St. Petersburg.

“The attack of ticks, it can be absolutely in any weather, with the exception of heavy rains. For seven months of 2022, about 11 thousand people applied to medical organizations in St. Petersburg”– said Irina Kataeva, head of the epidemiological surveillance department of the Rospotrebnadzor department for the Northern capital.

Of these, 2,000 are children. In the Leningrad region, a long-term record has already been broken – five thousand bitten. Most of them are in the Tikhvin, Gatchinsky, Tosnensky, Volkhovsky and Vsevolozhsky regions. In the laboratories where the brought arachnids are examined, there is an unprecedented excitement.

After the tick is crushed, and special reagents are added to the test tube (exactly as with covid), borreliosis and encephalitis RNA is detected using the PCR method. But without all this it is quite possible to do without, say biologists who are guided by world experience. The result of such a study still does not affect further tactics.