Sometimes traditional crunches on the press get bored, and it happens that they are completely contraindicated for those who experience back or lower back problems. In addition, any muscles need to be constantly “surprised” by diversifying your workouts – so the result will be noticeable much faster. In a word, cubes can also be pumped up in different ways.

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Trainer Kirill Toros showed a fiery selection of exercises for the press without twisting.

3 unusual exercises for the press at home

  • You will need a simple rag or towel. Place your heels on the fabric, lift your pelvis off the floor, exhale the pelvis back, and pull your legs with your abdominal muscles, while inhaling – to the starting position.
  • Stand in the plank position, while exhaling, move the pelvis up, while inhaling – to the starting position. Keep your abs tight while doing the exercise.
  • Continue to stand in the bar, but now, as you exhale, pull your knees to your stomach, while inhaling, to the starting position.

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The text of the publication of Kirill Toros:

Press without twists!