In order for abdominal muscle training to give the desired results, several important conditions must be observed. Classes should be regular, exercises should be selected effective and maintain a calorie deficit.

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Star trainer Andrei Khomitsky just showed a fiery fat-burning workout, after which your cubes will burn. All you need is comfortable sportswear and a fitness mat. This set can be done literally anywhere, so save the video and work on your dream body. There is still time for summer!

List of exercises for burning fat and working out the press

  • Exit with hands to the bar: 30 seconds (4 laps);
  • Curl Variables: 30 seconds (4 laps);
  • Shoulder Touch Plank: 30 seconds (4 laps);
  • Dynamic bar: 30 seconds (4 laps);
  • Alternately touching a point in front of you in the plank position: 30 seconds (4 laps);
  • X-bar: 30 seconds (4 laps);
  • Cheburashka exercise: 30 seconds (4 laps);
  • Side plank: 30 seconds on each side (4 circles);
  • Reverse bar: 30 seconds (4 laps).

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Text of Andrey Khomitsky’s publication:

After that, the press is on fire. You’ll want to save it for later. My top tip when doing this workout is to make sure you are constantly in control and feeling how your abs work. If you do not know how to activate the muscles correctly, let me know in the comments. I will prepare a separate video for you. You don’t need any equipment to complete this workout, just you and a mat!

Exit with hands to the bar
Alternate crunches
Shoulder Touch Plank
dynamic bar
Alternately touching a point
30 seconds each exercise, 4 circles.
Side plank (30s each side)
Reverse plank (30 sec)

Do 2 rounds of strengthening exercises!