Ukrainian-Croatian criminal drama consists of 6 episodes, who went out on the OLL.TV platform every Friday from December 10th. As of today, the entire series “Zlomovchannya” can be viewed online at service OLL TV.

Find out more Premiere of “Zlomovchannya” with Ksenia Mishina: where to watch the first original series in Ukraine

Movie fans are passionate about the main character of the series, played by the famous Ukrainian actress Ksenia Mishina. They admit: they watched the tape “with goosebumps” and were looking forward to the premiere of new episodes.

Premiere of “Zlomovchannya”: watch the video

The reaction of the audience after watching “Zlomovchannya”

Those who have already watched Zlomovchannya note that they have become real fans of the series. Some of the viewers were so carried away by the tape that watched all the episodes almost in one night.

Great series! All the episodes in a night – I couldn’t stop,
Olga writes.

“In the same breath … Very powerful and goosebumps,” says spectator Ekaterina.

Ksenia Mishina in “Zlomovchannya” / Photo by OLL.TV

Almost all viewers focus on the social problem of the series. They are convinced that often our silence leads to inevitable evil. The topic of sexual slavery is relevant all over the world, and we should not be silent about it!

This is not just a series, but a screened cruel reality. Talk to your children, teach them to trust you. So that, in spite of everything, they can tell you everything, so that in case of anything they know where to turn … Unfortunately, it is very easy to get into trouble,
– Natalya emphasized after watching the series.

“All grave crimes are committed because of our silence,” adds Vera, a netizen.

Comments of the viewers of the series “Zlomovchannya” / Photo by OLL.TV

“Zlomovchannya” will appeal to fans of the popular Swedish-Danish series “The Bridge” (Broen). The spectator Yuri is sure of this.

In the style of the Swedish-Danish series “The Bridge”. The drama is very similar, the color of all the scenes, even the Croatian detectives reminded Saga and Martin. The plot develops slowly, is caught from the first episode and does not let go until the end. A definite plus is a mini-series of 6 episodes,
– commented the filmmaker.

Other connoisseurs of detective series also highly appreciated “Zlomovchannya”. The fascinating plot of the novelty OLL.TV was compared even with the legendary “Twin Peaks”. Therefore, many hope that the authors of the series will not stop and continue the project for season 2.

Reader Reviews / Screenshot

I watched the first episode and just wow. Very good work. I want more quality movies on Ukrainian television,
– added a network user Ekaterina.

A short story “Zlomovchannya”

Series action develop today in Croatia and Ukraine. Olga, a businesswoman and head of a charitable foundation, learns that her teenage niece is disappearing in Kyiv under unknown circumstances. The main character goes in search of her.

In the Croatian town of Osijek, Olga meets local policeman Vladimir and journalist Stribor. The three of them learn about a number of other similar disappearances of girls. Whether this is connected with Olga’s niece and who is behind all the crimes – the audience will find out all this after watching the series on OLL TV.

What is told in “Zlomovchannya” / Photo by OLL.TV