Obesity can be inherited from woman to man and from man to woman. Sometimes this happens after one generation. This was announced by a nutritionist, head of the weight correction clinic, doctor of medical sciences, professor Alexei Kovalkov in an interview with URA.RU.

“Obesity is a genetically determined systemic disease that is inherited and is now successfully treated. Systemically, within the framework of specialized medical clinics licensed for this. Obesity can be passed down through generations. Most often from a woman to a man. And from man to woman. It’s genetics.” said Alexey Kovalkov.

The nutritionist noted that it is possible to prevent the development of obesity even in the early stages. It is better to start doing this from school. If a child becomes fatter than his peers, although there are no good reasons for this, then you should contact a specialist.

The doctor gave an analogy with parents who take their children to the endocrinologist if the child grows faster than the rest, or vice versa, grows too slowly. According to Kovalkov, excess weight can also be a factor in serious hormonal problems, so you can’t write off kilograms for gluttony.

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