In autumn, our skin needs extra care. The temperature drops, the weather conditions change, the wind intensifies – all this leads to an increase in the sensitivity of the skin and a violation of its protective barriers. Cosmetologists have recommended five steps to avoid negative impacts.


In autumn, the skin does not release as much sebum as in summer, so the cleanser should be changed to a gentle one. Foams act more gently than gels. At the same time, keep in mind that in autumn the natural renewal of skin cells can slow down, so you should use additional exfoliation products – soft peels with acids and gommages. writes about it.


Light summer creams can be changed to products with a denser rich texture. It should contain moisturizing ingredients – hyaluronic acid, urea and so on. For additional hydration, you can use masks a couple of times a week.


Nourishing cream with cosmetic oils, amino acids, minerals will enrich the skin with useful substances. This is especially important in autumn.

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