Traditional hair care medicine does not bring the desired result, but on the contrary, it can only aggravate the situation. This was stated by a dermatovenereologist, trichologist, head of the Beauty Line Hair trichology department Yulia Nagaitseva in an interview with URA.RU.

“Folk remedies for hair care do not work at all. The hair itself grows from the hair follicle and its depth is about 5-6 mm, that is, quite deep. The hair follicle does not feed from the surface of the skin. Therefore, all these masks from kefir, honey, oatmeal, and so on remain on the head, ” the expert explained.

She also warned the owners of beautiful curls that folk methods can greatly damage the condition of the scalp. In the practice of Nagaitseva, there were cases when patients sought help with a burn of the skin and auricles after “medical” masks. A serious stage of dermatitis also threatens after the use of hazardous agents.

Including many salon procedures based on thermal exposure, negatively affect the hair.

“Starting with thermal treatment and styling with irons, ending with lamination and hair botox. Due to high temperatures, moisture evaporates from the hair. As a rule, girls who often use such procedures, then complain about the loss of hair length, ” trichologist said.

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