Anti-Russian sanctions violated partnerships with companies producing silicone implants for buttock augmentation. The Komsomolskaya Pravda newspaper writes about this. Finding implants for gluteoplasty is almost impossible, says plastic surgeon Amjad Al Yousef.

“Due to complex logistics chains and companies’ refusal to work with the Russian market, orders from clinics are not accepted. The same cannot be said about breast implants. Silimed’s Brazilian implants are very popular today. As of today, the price of breast implants has generally returned to the same prices as before the recent events. There are no more serious shortages, no more cost increases.”the expert concludes.

Artificially created restrictions for Russians should not cause discouragement. In the arsenal of doctors there are alternative, sparing methods for correcting the shape and volume of any part of the body. In this matter, the procedure of lipofilling or transplantation of one’s own adipose tissue can help.

“Often, the resulting fat is used to increase the gluteal region, now this is especially true due to the lack of gluteal implants. Also, with your own fat, you can increase the area of ​​u200bu200bthe mammary glands. But this is a rarer operation than buttock augmentation.”says the doctor.

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