From February 4 to 20, more than three thousand top athletes from around the world will compete for victory at the 2022 Olympics. The Ukrainians were also actively preparing for the competition, so the Games promise to be intense and interesting.

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Where to watch the broadcast of the 2022 Olympics

Ukraine at the XXIV Winter Olympics in Beijing will be represented by 45 athletes in 12 disciplines. Among them, at least 5 have a good chance of getting the desired medal.

You can cheer for our team on the OLL TV. It is on this platform will broadcast the main sporting event of the winter. But if it so happens that you miss the long-awaited competition, the video will be available in the recording.

Ukrainians at the opening ceremony of the 2022 Olympics / Photo by Getty Images

Ukrainians at the Winter Olympics

During the years of independence, Ukrainians have received 8 awards at the Winter Olympic Games: 3 gold, 1 silver and 4 bronze medals. Our biathletes have the most victories. That is why every year almost the greatest attention of Ukrainian spectators is riveted to this sport.

The 2022 Olympics can deliver another victory for our athletes. In particular, great hopes are placed on Yulia Jima (individual races) and Dmitry Pidruchny (pursuit races).

Biathlete Julia Jima / Photo by Getty Images

Biathlon and cross-country skiing are not the only competitions to watch. Ukraine is also represented in freestyle, where Alexander Abramenko, the winner of the 2018 Olympics, is ready to fight for a medal. Also, our athletes have a chance to excel in figure skating, luge, ski jumping, short track, alpine skiing, snowboarding, Nordic combined, skeleton and bobsleigh.

Briefly about the 2022 Olympic Games

The grand opening of the Winter Olympic Games took place in Beijing on February 4. At the stadium “Bird’s Nest” representatives of sports teams from all over the world came out to the applause of the public, which will compete for prestigious medals.

The competition will be held with the motto “Together for a common future”. A total of 109 sets of awards will receive their owners – athletes represented in 15 winter sports disciplines. Among them:

  • skiing;
  • biathlon;
  • bobsled;
  • ski race;
  • curling;
  • figure skating;
  • freestyle;
  • hockey;
  • luge;
  • ski fight;
  • short track;
  • skeleton;
  • ski jumping;
  • snowboarding.

Every day until February 20, an average of 4 to 7 sets of awards will be played at the 2022 Winter Olympics. Therefore, without a doubt, this is an event not to be missed!