Men’s health requires no less attention than women’s. The existing gender stereotype that men are more resilient and do not know problems with immunity is a thing of the past. The stronger sex should be attentive to your body and stimulate the protective function, writes This does not require a titanic effort. It is enough to develop six good habits in yourself.

More green

It is worth adding dill, parsley, celery to the daily diet for three reasons at once. Greens contain a huge amount of vitamins and microelements necessary for the male body. They will not only support the gastrointestinal tract and nourish the blood vessels, but also improve potency.

Clean drinking water

Non-carbonated clean water is required to maintain the water-salt balance. Strong alcohol, coffee, carbonated sweet drinks remove life-giving moisture from the body. Visually, this is expressed in peeling of the skin, apathy and a deterioration in mood. In addition, dehydration threatens to reduce erection.

Reasonable Mobility

Getting to a nearby supermarket by car may be convenient, but far from useful. Don’t give up on hiking. Daily walking strengthens muscles, stimulates blood circulation, oxygenation of tissues and promotes the formation of new neural connections. If walking is not relevant, then you should try replacing the elevator with stairs. Within reason, of course.

can talk about the development of another dangerous male disease.