Cardiologist Leonid Vorslov refuted claims that eggs are dangerous for chronic fatigue and autoimmune diseases. According to him, such reasoning is at least strange.

In an interview with the Public News Service, he said that egg intolerance is a very rare phenomenon that occurs most often in children. However, this disease usually resolves in adulthood.

‚ÄúChicken eggs are a very useful product, especially for people with chronic fatigue and autoimmune diseases. They are indicated for people with protein, iron and lecithin deficiencies. That is, it’s the other way around.” – says the doctor.

The expert emphasized that the consumption of chicken eggs is recommended for these diseases. The specialist recalled: it was previously believed that they could contribute to the appearance or aggravation of the course of atherosclerosis, but 50 years ago this judgment was refuted. Now it is believed that for a healthy adult, 12-14 eggs per week are considered the norm.

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