In autumn, special attention is paid to schoolchildren. The hardest thing is for kids who go to kindergarten or first grade for the first time. They can get colds six to eight times a year. This was told by pediatrician Ilya Zhilkin.

“Children who start kindergarten before the age of six may, on average, get colds six to eight times a year, with a maximum frequency of up to once a month. This frequency is within the normal range. Indeed, in the children’s team, the child is faced with a large number of pathogens, he told

The expert added that the average illness at this age lasts five to seven days. However, a child who attended kindergarten is less likely to get sick during the transition to primary school than those children who were at home.

The doctor noted that children over the age of six get sick two to four times a year, but recover faster.

How to protect your child from a cold

Completely protect the baby will not work. Prevention basically comes down to protecting against vaccine-preventable infections. It is necessary to give the child all the vaccinations that are required by age. In addition, the baby needs to follow the rules of personal hygiene and wash their hands often. You do not need to drink vitamins and pills unless your doctor has prescribed them.