Air conditioners and open windows are dangerous for human health, because they can cause serious illness, said Honored Doctor of Russia Olga Sharapova. In a conversation with Gazeta.Ru, the specialist explained how to properly use the air conditioner so that it does not cause harm.

So, in order to prevent hypothermia, it is best to turn on the air conditioner in doses. In addition, it is not recommended that the air blow directly on a person.

“If the body is weakened, three to five minutes is enough to get sick. From the air conditioner, you can easily get laryngitis, pharyngitis and even pneumonia, ” Sharapova said.

She recommended keeping the room temperature at 22°-25°. It is this temperature that is most comfortable for the body. But in order to achieve it, it is best to first turn on the device at 25 °, and then gradually reduce the temperature.

“You can’t keep the air conditioner running all the time. It must be turned off for at least 15-20 minutes. And it’s better to do it every two or three hours,” added the expert.

At the same time, there are rules for airing the room. Sharapova did not recommend opening the window so that there was a draft, and the wind literally walked. And when you open the window, it’s best to leave the room.

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