The face contains all the information about a person and the state of his body. About it in an interview said the endocrinologist, corresponding member of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Doctor of Medical Sciences, Professor Valentin Fadeev.

The expert noted that at his appointments, he asks patients to remove the mask, because, having seen the face, he can better understand what problem they are addressing. The doctor shares his knowledge in the field of physiognomy in relation to medicine with his students. However, only people with specialized medical education should practice this science.

According to the doctor, more than half of the information about the diagnosis is “written” on the face. So, for example, you can immediately determine that a person has problems with the thyroid gland. In patients with bulging eyes and characteristic facial expressions, Graves’ disease (Basedow) is observed.

the specialist also said that the patient’s face can be said that he has severe hypothyroidism – hormone deficiency. This is indicated by characteristic changes in the skin, facial expressions, complexion, hair growth, and even the sparkle of the eyes.

Other diseases of the endocrine system can also be determined by the face, even the type of diabetes that is diagnosed in the patient.

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