TV presenter and therapist Elena Malysheva and cardiologist German Gandelman on the air of the federal channel listed the main mistakes that patients make in the treatment of hypertension. The most common mistake is related to the irregular intake of medicines.

Malysheva listed the most popular drugs that are used to lower blood pressure. They have the ending “-adj” in their name. However, there are reasons why these drugs do not perform their functions.

Gandelman said that the irregular use of drugs can lead to their ineffectiveness. He noted that a group of such drugs needs systemic administration. Salt intake in large quantities can also reduce the effectiveness. Malysheva recommended removing pickles from the diet of hypertensive patients.

When you eat a lot of salt, the body cannot remove sodiumand, accordingly, [натрий] lingers in the body, and the vessel wall swells, the vessel becomes narrow, and blood pressure naturally rises“, the expert explained.

Alcohol, licorice, and alcohol can also interfere with hypertension medications.

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