The appendix is ​​an important part of the human immune system. It is better not to remove this appendage of the caecum, but to treat it, said physician Alexei Vodovozov.

“The appendix is, on the one hand, a rudiment, but on the other hand, it is an extremely important organ for our immunity. And this is relatively new information. There is a large number of immune plaques, lymphocytes, – said the specialist in an interview with URA.RU.

Figuratively speaking, the appendix is ​​a training camp. There, lymphocytes learn “who is theirs and who is a stranger.”

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“Plus, various foreign bacteria that have entered inside with food pass through the organ,” Vodovozov explained.

In addition, the appendix helps in the restoration of microflora.

“If we have some kind of intestinal infection that has passed through the colon, killed a significant part of our microbial community there, then recovery can begin just with the appendix. That is, spores of those bacteria that we need come out of there, and repopulation takes place, ” the therapist said.

Early stages of appendicitis can be treated with medication. Local antibiotic therapy shows itself especially well.

“When a cavity is flushed with antibiotics. Or sometimes it is possible to manage even simply with systemic antibiotics, without piercing the abdominal wall. Mostly this is practiced in children, – said Alexey Vodovozov.

Of course, early diagnosis of the disease is important here. If the patient has already formed, for example, purulent appendicitis, then it will have to be removed.

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