Sweets are not the best food. If possible, their consumption should be reduced. This can be done with the help of vegetables, Anna Kulikova, an endocrinologist, said in an interview with Evening Moscow.

According to the expert, sweets contain so-called simple carbohydrates. Sugar is rapidly absorbed, which raises the level of glucose – that is, blood sugar. The feeling of fullness comes quickly. To digest and assimilate such food, the body does not require much effort. This means that sweets quickly give energy, but only for a short time.

“The ingestion of sweet foods, through certain mechanisms in the body, also produces feelings of pleasure. In this regard, cravings for sweets are often recorded as a habit of eating behavior. Sweets contain a large number of calories and practically do not contain useful substances, fiber and building material for body cells, therefore they are not the preferred product in the diet.the doctor commented.