A woman named Chloe lives in Kansas and shares her craft ideas with her family.

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The woman also talks about her daily life with her husband and daughter Ellie.

Chloe and her family / Photo from Chloe’s tiktok

How to create cute and harmless jewelry

Chloe said that for a pretty decor you only need 4 components:

  • Plates or figurines made of wood;
  • Dye;
  • Sequins or glitter;
  • Sealed package.

You will need paints, wood decorations, glitter, a bag and a child, a pet, or yourself,
Chloe said.

First, squeeze some paint onto the wood and add some glitter. Then put the craft in the bag and let your child play with it.

When the paint is smeared, the decoration must be removed from the bag and decorated – you can write a congratulation, finish something or add more sparkles.

According to Chloe, the edges of the decoration can be cleaned of paint to make the decoration look neater.

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After the Christmas decoration has dried, take a thread or string to hang the decoration on the tree.

Get your child involved in making cute decorations / Screenshot from chloeboboey’s video

This decor will be a nice addition to a family holiday. In addition, wooden decorations are safe for children and do not cause harm.

Can Christmas toys be harmful?

Cheap Christmas products can be harmful to health. Tinsel and “rain” are dangerous for children and pets, who can easily swallow decoration particles, and glass beads can break and injure family members. The Ministry of Health recommends a responsible attitude to the choice of holiday decor – low-quality items can injure, cause allergies or poison the whole family.