How to cope with depression with the help of your subconscious, psychologist Esteria Deis told we. She explained that many difficult conditions are caused by a difficult event from the past.

“Depression is a very common mental disorder today, the causes and symptoms of which are well studied and described. There are also effective methods of its treatment. There are severe types of this disease, this is done by a psychotherapist and drug treatment. And there is a depressive state that is caused by a trigger, ” she said.

The expert added that it is caused by a stressful situation. For example, misunderstanding of parents, fatigue, lack of sleep. One thing is for sure – “depression does not pop up suddenly, like a pimple.” Thus, the human psyche responds to an important negative event for him.

“The problems that caused the disorder should not be driven deep into oneself, because then they can become toxic. Reconsider your views on the situation. As they say, there is no way out only from the coffin.said the expert.

She stressed that it is necessary to change the attitude to what is happening, not to pay attention to squabbles, sidelong glances. In the event that there is a need for a frank conversation, find an interlocutor and talk to him honestly. You also need to work on yourself, eat right, sleep well and exercise.

Dais said.

The specialist urged to paint “depressive dullness” with bright colors. In addition, think about the good, do good to people, smile, do practices in order to “reprogram your subconscious to be positive.”

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