The good news is reported by the publication – it turns out that now you can not walk past the shelves with delicious chocolate bars in the store, which just ask you to buy them and eat them. There are five reasons why every home should have at least one chocolate bar on the shelf.

Delicious as hell!

The first reason is that the right chocolate is always made from cocoa beans, and they are known to energize us, increase efficiency and saturate our body. If you eat a piece of dark chocolate, in just a few moments you can feel how fatigue goes away and a “second wind” opens up for work.

The second reason can be considered a high concentration of flavonoids in each piece of chocolate. Flavonoids are very important for our body because they are antioxidants and, if consumed frequently, can protect our cells from aging.

Reason number three is the high content of copper, magnesium and fiber in chocolate. Magnesium is an indispensable component for maintaining the health of our nervous system, fiber helps our intestines to work in a balanced way, and copper is an excellent prevention of cancer.