Pizza will become healthier if you replace the wheat flour in the dough with rye or add rye flour to the yeast dough. In addition, the dish will improve if you add more tomatoes to the filling and replace the cheese with less salty suluguni. This was told by a nutritionist Mikhail Gintsburg.

“Usually pizza is made from wheat flour. You can try making pizza with rye flour or add rye flour. True, then it will not be tender, not lush, because coarse bread will turn out. You can contrive, just add rye flour to the yeast dough. Then it will be more useful, — he said in an interview with URA.RU.

According to the expert, in order for the pizza to be much healthier, you should also add more tomatoes and pay attention to the amount of salt in the cheese – the less the better. In addition, you can add seafood.

Particular attention should be paid to the quantity of the dish, and also eat pizza no more than twice a week. The nutritionist noted that we are talking about one piece of pizza at a time, and not a quarter or even half.

Every year in the United States, September 20th is National Pepperoni Pizza Day. The name of the dish was due to the main ingredient – the sausage of the same name. It should include pizza, which bears such a name.

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