A sharp cold snap after a thirty-degree heat can result in health problems. This applies to those people who have chronic diseases. This was warned by the therapist Tatyana Romanenko.

She clarified that the temperature drop is a serious enough test for blood vessels and nerve fibers. Therefore, people at risk should now be especially attentive to themselves.

“But there are people who can adapt to this, and people with chronic diseases of the respiratory system, heart and blood vessels. In addition, there are citizens with functional changes in the autonomic and nervous systems, as well as diseases of the musculoskeletal system. They, of course, begin to feel the changes in the weather quite strongly. Sometimes it even leads to some serious health consequences. – the doctor told the publication “Evening Moscow”.

The expert stressed that the body can respond to temperature changes with the following symptoms – lack of air, headache, palpitations. All this is a consequence of the fact that the vessels spasm.

“But in a healthy person, the vessels adapt to this, microcirculation is restored, people are slowly starting to cope with this unfavorable situation. However, in people with atherosclerosis and impaired elasticity of the walls of blood vessels, a sharp cold snap causes vasospasm and an increase in pressure. In addition to subjective complaints, this is the risk of cardiovascular accidents. In particular, heart attack and stroket, Romanenko noted.

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