The blood group diet is in the top five in the world. She is chosen by many Hollywood stars, famous journalists, politicians – designer Tommy Hilfiger, actresses Cameron Diaz and Demi Moore. Despite the fact that the effectiveness of this method of losing weight has not been proven, people do not stop believing in it.

As the publication URA.RU recalls, the author of the diet is Peter d’Adamo. According to the naturopath, human blood groups were formed as a result of such factors as living conditions, activities, human nutrition. But it was the last factor that became decisive.

That is, the hunters ate the meat of dead animals and fish – this is how the first blood group was formed. The owners of the second ancestors are farmers who ate plant foods. The nomadic people tamed domestic animals and, accordingly, ate dairy products; their descendants have the third blood group. And there is a fourth – it is considered relatively new, resulting from the unification of farmers and nomads.

In simple words, the scientist suggests that representatives of each blood group use products following the example of their ancestors. If you adhere to this principle, a person will not have problems with metabolic processes, the body will work by the clock, absorb useful substances. All this guarantees health and harmony.

Of course, there are many nuances in the diet – when choosing food, the Rh factor is taken into account, as well as the continent of origin of the human race: African, Indo-European, Asian.

To everyone’s taste

I (0) – give preference to meat and fish products and minimize carbohydrates. It is not recommended to eat milk, legumes, cereals. But green vegetables must be included in the diet.