Short workouts are a salvation for those who live in a crazy rhythm, because you can find 10-15 minutes for a lesson even on the busiest day. If you have little time, but you are full of energy, include workouts with star trainer Andrey Khomytsky and repeat the exercises for an athlete. This format will help keep the muscles in good shape, and the whole body will be involved in the work.

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15 minute full body express workout

  • Jumping Jack: 30 seconds;
  • Double squat: 30 seconds;
  • Side plank: 30 seconds on each side;
  • Back lunge with knee extension: 30 seconds;
  • X-press + climber: 30 seconds;
  • Exercise on the press “bike”: 30 seconds;
  • Glute Bridge: 30 seconds;
  • Exercise for the oblique abdominal muscles in the plank: 30 seconds.

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Text of Andrey Khomitsky’s publication:

If you are short on time but full of energy, then turn on the maximum and do three rounds of these exercises for 30 seconds. Stole! 15 minute full body no-equipment express workout.

Jumping Jack
Double squat
Side bars 30*2
Back lunge with knee extension
X-press + rock climber
Velo press
Glute Bridge
Plank oblique