24 channel together with OLL.TV prepared more than ten good films that will help overcome stress. While watching in the family circle, you will laugh enough, you will empathize with the characters and rejoice for them. So prepare your favorite goodies, choose a movie to your liking and let the whole world wait.

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11 good films for a cozy evening

Dogs in disguise

family cinema “Dogs Undercover” tells about the adventures of the Rottweiler Max, who can speak and becomes the detective’s partner. The main characters are waiting for an important mission: they will go to Las Vegas, where scams for the resale of rare animals are being turned at an elite dog show. A four-legged detective and an FBI agent join forces to punish criminals and make this world a little better.

Dogs in disguise“: trailer


This is a warm story about how chocolate works wonders: reconciles neighbors, brings up hooligans, and even makes you fall in love. So, Vienne moved to a small French town with her daughter. The woman knows the secret of delicious sweets, so she does not hesitate and opens an unusual chocolate shop, which is becoming more and more popular. And subsequently, special goodies conquered the locals. This is not surprising, because chocolate has become for them “a ticket to a new life.”

Movie Chocolate perfect for weekend viewing. After all, the sensual tandem of actors Johnny Depp and Juliette Binoche will not leave anyone indifferent.

Trailer for the movie “Chocolate”:

Shortly speaking

Not wanting to make a decision quickly is already a way of life for Teddy. The protagonist of the comedy “In short” puts everything off until later. Even the confession to his beloved girl happened under the pressure of a stranger who almost insisted that the wedding take place in the coming days.

The ceremony radically changed Teddy’s life. Under strange circumstances, time for a man began to accelerate, and every day he was transferred into the future for a whole year. Not being able to change anything, the main character can only celebrate the new year of his life and learn to appreciate every moment. Look at OLL.TVhow Teddy dealt with this phenomenon and whether he overlooked his priorities.

Trailer for the comedy “In Brief”: video

random man

Emma Lloyd is a successful psychologist who runs her radio program. An expert helps listeners deal with their personal problems without being afraid to give advice to strangers. Emma herself treats relationships rationally and believes that stability and reliability are more important in family life than passion and emotions. A woman meets Richard – he also shares her views, and their story has already reached the wedding. However, on the eve of such an important holiday, Emma finds out that she already has random man. She, without thinking, goes on a date with him, which will radically change her life.

“Random Man”: watch the video

Production (TV series)

This miniseries full of British humor and improvisation of the actors. The tape tells about the difficult times of self-isolation, when the pandemic was just gaining momentum.

Outside is 2020. Theater actors David Tennant and Michael Sheen are locked within four walls for the quarantine period, but rehearsals somehow need to be done. Director Simon Evans suggests continuing to prepare for the performance via video link. However, this format has given rise to many comic and absurd situations. We assure you, you will laugh in abundance.

“Staging”: watch the online trailer of the series

For once in your life

Greta is a beauty who loves to sing in venues, and she recently broke up with her boyfriend, an aspiring musician. Dan is once a respected music producer, but now his career is on the decline. One evening, when the man decided to once again get drunk in a bar, he noticed a girl on stage. The producer could not resist and invited the young artist to record an album. Without thinking for a long time, Greta decided to try her chance, and also to prove to the guy who betrayed her that she was no worse than him. But due to lack of funds, they will record the record in very unusual places – in the passage, on the boat, in the gateway. How did such a bold adventure end – look at OLL TV.

For once in your life“: trailer

last vacation

Modest and shy saleswoman Georgia Bird from New Orleans showed how you can break away in last vacation. Doctors diagnosed the woman with an incurable diagnosis, so she quit her job, took all her savings and rushed to the famous resort in Europe, where she always dreamed of visiting. There, Georgia was mistaken for a wayward millionaire, but she did not convince anyone of the opposite, but on the contrary, she set off on the coast and entered the image of a rich woman.

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13-year-old Nikolai plays the trumpet and even writes music himself. The boy meets his first love – Lisa. She inspires even more the musician, who is waiting for an important performance. But the unpredictable happens. Look at OLL.TVhow a young talent managed to cope with a number of different trials of fate.

Comedy “Trumpeter”: trailer

Parents of easy virtue

Married couple Frank and Nancy are businessmen who are going through hard times. Something went wrong in their affairs, which led to bankruptcy. It would seem that adults are responsible and serious. But it’s not about Frank and Nancy. So the couple decided not to confess to their daughter about financial problems. And so that the only child would not expose them, would-be businessmen began to pull off various epic frauds, crossing the border of the law. And this is not surprising, because each time alcohol added courage to them. What led to their adventurism – look at OLL TV.

Parents of easy virtue“: watch the trailer online

Start from the beginning

Maya works as an assistant manager of a retail chain, but her life is not going quite the way she would like it to. Behind her back, a woman does not have a higher education, which means that, despite significant experience and personal merits, she does not get a promotion. One day, Maya receives a positive response to her request for vacancies in a large corporation. Everything would be fine if it were not for the fake resume that was compiled by her hacker godson.

The film “Start Over” inspires you to believe in yourself and really start all over again! If you haven’t seen this comedy starring Jennifer Lopez yet, it’s a great opportunity to catch up on it. OLL TV.

Watch the movie trailer:

Forrest Gump

Completes our collection “Forrest Gump” – one of the most famous films of Robert Zemeckis, which has already become a classic of world cinema. The tape is the owner of 6 Oscars.

The tape tells about the life of a good-natured guy Forrest Gump, who lives with his mother in Alabama. Health problems and mental disorders did not make the main character despair. A frank guy tells the story of his interesting life to everyone who sits down on a park bench next to him.

“Forrest Gump”: trailer online