In pursuit of proper nutrition and diets, we often forget that not all “homemade” products are good for digestion and help to lose extra pounds. “Sibkrai” told what dishes make you “eat up” extra calories.

Nutritious meat soups for appetite

Many people think that the main solution for a healthy diet is the presence of the first course in the diet. However, not all soups are suitable for this purpose. Rich meat broths cause the body to produce a large amount of digestive juice. It would seem that light chicken broth will give the necessary feeling of fullness. But, alas, you will want to eat even more. Therefore, in cafes and restaurants, the first course is served first – to “warm up” the appetite for salad, main course and dessert.

Rolls from grandma for appetite

With the advent of cold weather, favorite jars with pickled tomatoes, mushrooms, sauerkraut and other gifts of nature appear from cellars and pantries. Without a doubt, fermented foods are good for the body and help the immune system repel viruses. But the marinade usually contains vinegar, which causes an increased secretion of gastric juice and, as a result, hunger. In addition, pickles make you drink more fluids. Water and salt “cling” in the stomach and linger in the body, leading to bloating and weight gain.