be.sage is cosmetics in briquettes for hair, skin, beard and even pet hair care. The company promises that their products have economical consumption, high-quality and environmentally friendly filling – all products are at least 98% organic ingredients. And solid shampoos, scrubs and shower tiles are convenient to take with you to the gym or travel. Employees and friends of the Burning Hut tested be.sage products in action and shared their impressions.

Shampoo and conditioner

Illustration: be.sage / Lena Avdeeva / Milena Shevchenko / Burning hut

There are six solid shampoos and two conditioners in the be.sage line. We tested the Moisturizing Shampoo and Repairing Conditioner with the enigmatic scent of Japanese Mushroom. When creating products, surfactants of plant origin were used, and there is no water in the composition so that the products do not deteriorate for a long time.

Shampoo with burdock oil, sage hydrolate and amaranth extract, according to the brand, should cleanse the hair and scalp of impurities, parabens and silicones that could remain after other care and styling products. Hydrolyzed keratin in the composition of the product is able to moisturize the hair so that it does not become electrified. One shampoo bar can replace a bottle of liquid shampoo.

Revitalizing conditioner with coconut, burdock and argan oils softens hair, adds shine and makes it easier to comb.

Lena Avdeeva

Author of special projects

I have pretty unpretentious hair. They are absolutely straight and low-porous, not prone to drying out, despite the fact that they are dyed. I usually wash my hair every 2-3 days, and rarely use balms and conditioners – maybe once a week. This is because such products make my hair heavier and completely deprive them of volume.

I already had the experience of washing with solid shampoos, there are no surprises here – it’s really convenient. You just need to lather the bar in your hands, and then transfer the foam to the scalp. I liked the effect: the hair is clean, friable and smells good. The aroma of the Japanese mushroom is fresh and unobtrusive – it reminded me of the smell of the sea coast.

This is the first time I’ve encountered solid conditioner. He has a slightly different application scheme: you need to directly draw a bar through wet hair, distributing the product with your fingers. The conditioner is oily and applies evenly. Most importantly, after drying, the hair remained voluminous. For this, he is a fat plus!

After switching to solid products, the hair washing regimen has not changed – I still do it once every 2-3 days. When I first met, be.sage shampoo and conditioner seemed very small to me. I thought that they would end before the stated 30-40 applications, but no! For two weeks of testing, the briquettes did not change at all in size. I keep them in their original boxes: the cardboard is still holding and not sticking.

Sizzling shower tiles

Illustration: be.sage / Simona Andrisenko / Milena Shevchenko / Burning hut

A fun alternative to the usual gel, mousse, oil or foam. And for washing with such a tool, you do not need a washcloth at all. A sizzle bar is a small soap-like bar that foams up when it comes into contact with water. They need to drive over the skin, gently massaging it.

The tool, according to the description on the be.sage website, should not only cleanse, but also moisturize the skin thanks to shea butter and cocoa butter. And there is also oatmeal in the tiles – it gently exfoliates without the participation of coarse abrasive particles.

Simona Andrisenko

Author of the editorial board of “The Burning Hut”

I have pretty dry skin. For cleansing I use a gel, once every two weeks I use a Turkish kese mitten, and after a shower I usually apply a moisturizing lotion or cream. I don’t think I’ve ever tried a product that looks like sizzle tiles: visually, it looks like a scrub, soap and a bath bomb at the same time.

The tile, upon contact with water, begins to slowly dissolve, forming a soft foam. She rubbed her whole body: one little thing is more than enough to walk through all areas even twice. It slowly decreases in size, but in the end it starts to crumble – this is not very convenient. The tile is a little rough – a pleasant self-massage effect is obtained. There is no filmy feeling or dryness after application, but I still used a moisturizer.

I tried two types of tiles: “classic” pink and green with menthol. The first have a light sweet aroma, similar to the smell of candy. Menthol ones smell much stronger – their aroma reminded me of the smell of pine needles. The fragrance from them lasts longer on the skin and persists indoors. If you use tiles in a bathroom filled with steam, you get the effect of a bath. And after washing, the skin really feels a pleasant light chill.

It seemed to me that this tool is not for every day. After all, tiles scrub and exfoliate – for sensitive skin, such a thorough cleansing may be unnecessary.

Body scrub sticks

Illustration: be.sage / Elya Sibishova / Milena Shevchenko / Burning hut

The set from be.sage includes three sticks in the form of small hearts. Natural abrasive particles are hidden in each of them: in coffee, ground coffee is responsible for cleansing, in coconut – coconut flakes, and in berry – sugar. The brand promises that the sticks will gently cleanse the skin and nourish it thanks to the shea and coconut oils in the composition. However, people with dry or sensitive body skin should use such products with caution.

Elya Sibishova

Senior Project Manager

I have quite sensitive skin that is prone to breakouts. I usually use body scrubs twice a week. I haven’t tried solid foods before, but I’ve always wondered how they work.

The sticks came in a beautiful package along with a cute shopper. I could feel the strong aroma of the products even before I opened the box. I immediately went to test the pink berry heart. Using a stick is quite pleasant: the mass melts as it is applied, and you don’t have to constantly climb into a jar of scrub for an additional portion of the product, as is usually the case. One stick was enough for the whole body.

After showering, the scent left on my skin was amazing. It kept for a few more hours! And there was no feeling of tightness, so I did not even apply lotion. But for my taste, the berry and coffee sticks have rather hard particles – they can irritate delicate skin. So my favorite is coconut.

Beard Shampoo

Illustration: be.sage / Sergey Gaber / Milena Shevchenko / Burning hut

According to the description, a special be.sage beard shampoo should not only cleanse the hair, but also make it softer and smoother – for this, argan oil and keratin are included in the composition. Shampoo will also take care of the skin of the face: D-panthenol will moisturize it and soothe irritations.

Sergei Gaber

creative director

I don’t really pamper my beard – the candy-bouquet period has long passed with us. Once every two days she gets a little shampoo, which I use to wash my hair, and twice a day – a little hyaluronic facial foam. Fortunately, my beard is not very impressive: it grew to mediocre and stopped.

I thought solid beard shampoo was like dry shampoo for hair that had to be combed out. It turned out that it is more like soap: lather in the hands, apply to the beard, rinse off. The shampoo foams very plentifully, it is washed off easily, it smells, only if you smell it strongly, something herbal.

I can say for sure that for the first time I felt how my beard creaks from cleanliness. I thought this only happens with bangs. Visually, the beard has become more fluffy and because of this, it has slightly increased in volume. The skin is fine too.

shaving bar

Illustration: be.sage / Almaz Zagrutdinov / Milena Shevchenko / Burning hut

The brand promises that the tile foams well, creating a sliding surface for the razor, and also moisturizes and soothes the skin thanks to the nettle extract and aloe vera in the composition. A shave without irritation and a feeling of tightness after – the effect that be.sage should provide. And the consumption is small – one tile can replace a whole can of foam.

Almaz Zagrutdinov

Special projects editor

I usually use shaving foam. Low consumption and comfortable sliding of the machine – it seems that nothing better has yet been invented. Fortunately, my skin is not the most sensitive and there are no special reactions to the products.

I liked the be.sage shaving bar. I immediately got a pleasant citrus scent. Ordinary foams and gels often give off an unbearable pungent odor, which marketers designate with euphemisms in the spirit of “Frost freshness.” Then for another half a day you feel it under your nose – I don’t like that. Already for the fragrance be.sage immediately receives several points.

In appearance, the shaving tile resembles soap, but to the touch it is denser and velvety. And the method of application is the same: you roll it in your hand with water, and apply the resulting foam on your face. Standard products have much more foam – there one drop immediately turns into a lump the size of a small apple. The shaving process is pleasant, and after using the product, there is no oily film left on the skin. I had doubts about a small expense. It seemed that the tile would quickly run out, but in a week it did not decrease at all.

For me, the main advantage of the product is convenience. This tool is easy to take with you on the road. It takes up very little space, and you don’t have to worry about liquid transport standards yet – standard foams never fit into these limits. You can be sure that during the trip you will not have to buy something on the spot or shave in hotels with anything.

Shampoo and conditioner for pets

Illustration: be.sage / Ekaterina Mironycheva / Milena Shevchenko / Burning hut

be.sage shampoo for dogs and cats, in addition to cleansing and caring ingredients, contains components that protect against some of the dangers on the street. The manufacturer claims that rosemary oil can repel fleas and ticks, it is useful for fighting fungi, viruses and unpleasant odors, and D-panthenol will save the skin from drying out.

A solid conditioner should enhance the protective effect and make the pet’s coat soft and shiny. It still has the same rosemary oil and D-panthenol, and lemongrass oil has also been added – it can soothe skin irritations. Glycerin, coconut, jojoba and burdock root oils are responsible for moisturizing.

Ekaterina Mironycheva

Director of Sales

The shampoo and conditioner was tested by Oatmeal, my Cairn Terrier dog. It is believed that the cores do not need to be washed often, because the coarse wool does not allow them to get very dirty. But Osya loves to wallow on the grass, and sometimes in something like fish cleanings. Therefore, of course, I don’t wash it every day, but not once every few months, as it should be. We always use shampoo, sometimes conditioner.

Washing the dog with solid products turned out to be very convenient. The fact is that hard wool protects not only from dirt, but also from water. If Osya gets wet, she quickly shakes herself off, and now we have an almost dry dog ​​in front of us. Keeping the coat completely wet is not an easy task. Therefore, I usually wash Oatmeal with four hands: one pours water, and the second lathers the dog. I dealt with the be.sage products on my own – I quickly doused Osya with water, ran the shampoo through the coat from the top of my head to the tail. There is a lot of foam – enough for the whole terrier. When I washed off the shampoo, I repeated the same procedure with the conditioner.

The wool is washed well. I can even say that I liked the solid shampoo more than the product with which I washed the dog before it. The conditioner made the wool softer – it was convenient to comb it. Well, Oatmeal in general is never happy with washing: it’s not like riding in the remains of a yellow minke whale!

These are not all products from the be.sage range. The brand’s website has bombs and bath salts, body oils, as well as gift sets from the brand’s bestsellers. Everything can be ordered with delivery anywhere in Russia: the products will be delivered by courier service or by mail.

be.sage took care not only of the environmental friendliness of the products, but also of the convenience of their storage. For example, shampoo or conditioner can be stored in a sturdy cardboard box after use. And if you want a more durable case, be.sage has a reusable aluminum case that makes it easy to take money on trips.